Star Home Facade Combo: Shingle and Stone

Peanut butter and jelly. Blue and white. Stone and shingles. Some items are great lonely but become even better together. Separately, rock and shingle facades add character and charm. Together, these time-tested substances complement each other to create exteriors. Below are some of our favourite uses of this stone-shingle combination.

A rock arch makes a lovely welcome. The combo of stone and shingle with charming touches like the window and intricate woodwork add warmth and softness to temper the cold that solid rock can conjure.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

When we think of this shingle and rock mix, we often think about beach homes. This scenic farm shows that this beautiful mix can work in almost any landscape.

Mockler Taylor Architects

The rock and shingle look glows in Greenwich, Connecticut. This stunning home reveals that even a touch of stone, like this magnificent chimney, can lend variety and dimension into an exterior.

TEA2 Architects

For excellent curb appeal, stone walkways and driveways are a go-to choice. Mixing the color palettes of this rock and shingles really functions.

Joseph B Lanza Layout + Building

This stunning home overlooking a saltwater pond utilizes the classic rock and shake mix to not just create an inviting holiday spot, but additionally to weather the wear which homes by the sea often confront.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

The incorporation of shingles into decor goes back into the early settlement days. Today combining shingles and stone generates the look and feel old even in a newer home, helping it blend in seamlessly in an older area.

Witt Construction

Stone bases are common in homes and buildings constructed before 1915. Today a rock base can still add style and substance.

John Kraemer & Sons

Building with rock is a tradition which dates back thousands of years but continues to be made simpler by modern technology. Rather than using solid, heavy stones, rock veneer can be applied to cement board or poured concrete. The consequent stones weigh from 10 to 18 pounds, which makes them a more sensible, user-friendly choice.

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