The Multipurpose Decorating Wonder, tape

Stop considering tape as a tool to peel off as soon as the paint is dry. Masking, painter’s and duct tapes now come in all kinds of killer colors and peppy patterns (badly, there is even grim lace patterned masking tape!) This very cheap hardware store item upgrade has not slipped by the Famous artists, homeowners and bloggers around . They’re sticking tape around the house and leaving it there. Here are eight great ways to get stylish with tape.

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Create a gorgeous faux tile wrought iron. Upon first glance, I would swear this was a really expensive floral tile layout from Italy, but it is produced from very closely cut and placed pieces of tape.

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Lisa Nieschlag “Liz & Jewels”

Add some personality to a jar or vase. These clever tape boundaries pick upon the colours of these happy blooms. Tape now comes in all kinds of patterns; my personal favorite is that the Japanese masking tape called Happy Tape. One other tablescape use is to put in a custom tape edge to placemats.

Saus Design

Produce an inspiration “board” In this manner, it may be as small or big as you want, in any colour you like for about one-one thousandth of the cost of a bulletin board. Plus, taping off a rectangle won’t damage your walls require you to find a stud behind the drywall.

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Frame your child’s art. Painter’s tape now comes in vibrant colours and can offer temporary frames which won’t damage your walls.

Jennifer Young

Give your snapshots a casually cool tape up. These little ripped pieces are somewhat random yet punctuate the picture wall using pleasing swatches of blue and pink.

AB Chao Interiors

Blogger Anna Beth Chao utilized her keen eye for graphics when incorporating this grid of photos to her own bath. Small dashes of pink tape hold up them and pick up on additional colours in the bath.

Hide & Sleep Interior Design

Make your own wall stickers. Personalize a wall using artful use of colored and patterned tapes.


This is also a good way for temporary holiday decorating.

Corynne Pless

You might also opt to outline an existing plank with a cassette layout that is special.

Holly Marder

Utilize patterned tape to customize your gift wrapping. I’ve used Happy Ink to enliven plain old brown paper packages many times myself. I’m not the least bit tricky but it makes me look like I’m. Just just a tiny unrolling and some quick tears are required.

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Wrap your furniture in duct tape. A trendy and very inexpensive way to choose dormitory quality furniture to modern art status is using duct tape. Give a bench bold stripes, a desk some Mondrian-esque blocks or a plastic chair the good conventional silver duct tape therapy.

Have you been displaying some tape stripes around the house? If so, please discuss together in the Comments section.

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