Look Up to the Attic for a Playful Kids' Bedroom

A kids’ bedroom is a sacred area — it’s among the few areas they could truly call their own, and yet one place they can rely on to get a little solitude in. However, the latter isn’t always a simple thing to achieve, especially in huge households. If your children feel somewhat vulnerable, consider altering your loft space into a distinctive bedroom just for them. A getaway on the floor can make the ideal escape, providing them the space they crave — and making more quiet for you downstairs! Read the professional tips below to initiate the transformation.

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Balance brights and whites. You desire the space to feel fresh and lively, not claustrophobic. “Save colour and patterns for the floor or walls, and maintain your ceiling bright and light,” says designer Laura Umansky. “Since the ceiling is often low in attics, leaving them helps to make the space feel bigger.”

Warm with texture. Kids’ rooms could be lively spaces, so have fun exploring with patterns. “Fun patterns and textures can add a lot to a space,” states Umansky. The rainbow-colored rug in this spirited loft bedroom features a polka dot two-tone pattern on the wall.

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Dress your windows. “Do not shy away from incorporating drapery into a dormer simply because your ceilings pitch at either side,” states Umanksy. “Window treatments add both texture and drama to a room.”

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Go low. Short furniture pulls double duty in a children’ loft bedroom with balancing the scale of sloped ceilings and producing perfectly sized spaces for smaller children.

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Transform sloped ceilings into storage solutions. Do not worry about a sloped ceiling operate with this embarrassing layout to make the most of your child’s storage area. “Pitched ceilings make certain parts of the room uncommon, as you can’t stand up, so use them for storage rather,” states Umansky. This area’s built-in shelving transforms the place under a catchy ceiling into functional space.

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Get creative with sloped ceilings. If a built-in or large-scale shelving unit is too big for your room or out of your budget, it is still possible to add additional function simply by hanging a hooks or rack under a sloped ceiling. A small mirror below turns this place into a tiny dressing room.

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Produce a sleeping nook. A sleeping nook can help you take advantage of awkward loft corners. This slanted ceiling feels supercozy, making this exceptional space additional comfortable.

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