Kitchen Remodel Prices: 3 Budgets, 3 Kitchens

Seems that whenever I meet a prospective new client, the very first question is, “How much will this project cost?” I then try to explain this is like asking, “How long is a piece of string?”

You see, there are simply too many things that will influence a project’s cost. From basic construction difficulties, such as fixing what might require repairs, to customer selections for appliances, cabinets and whatever else, to if we intend on moving items around or adding space, there are so many variables that are involved.

Let us peek at three kitchens, all remodels. The first we’ll call fundamental, but it is anything but. The next is a little more upscale, and the next is high fashion. If those were cars, they would be market, full-size and lavish.

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W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect

The Basic Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen remodel is proof that fundamental does not mean dull. The colors, sense of pleasure and attention to detail all contribute to a kitchen that’s a pleasure to use.

A $20,000 to $30,000 kitchen remodel (performed by specialist designers and construction workers) typically includes:

1. The identical arrangement as your current kitchen.
By maintaining the appliances and fittings at the very same locations and maintaining the space undamaged, there’s little need to redo plumbing and electric work.

2. Simple light. Sure, all those recessed lighting might be fine, however light fixtures like those shown here will light the room efficiently and inexpensively (each recessed lighting will typically hold just a 60-watt bulb, whereas a decorative fixture may have 120, 180 or more total watts). This is a no-brainer when the lighting works with the design, as it will here.

W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect

3. Basic appliances. No built-in appliances, heating drawers, wine coolers, microwave drawers and so forth.

4. Ceramic tile backsplash and vinyl flooring. Whether it is the backsplash, flooring or other surfaces, using fundamental and affordable materials will help you keep down costs. Easy and straightforward white ceramic tile works nicely for the backsplash, and a vinyl tile floor may produce a real design statement.

In case you don’t enjoy it or do not have the funds for ceramic tile, try using a simple laminate 4-inch tall backsplash and paint the rest. Use a lasting paint. And for the ground, try sheet goods such as linoleum.

W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect

5. Refinished cabinetry. Keep your costs down by reusing the existing cabinets. Maybe some refinishing or new doors or a couple of new cabinets are all that you need to receive the function and style you’re looking for. Survey your present cabinets to ascertain their condition, size and whether it is logical for them to be vaccinated. In the end, it would not make sense to shake or place new doors on cabinet boxes that were damaged beyond easy repair.

6. Stylish details. With touches such as glass in the cabinet doors, you are able to incorporate a great deal of style at a minimum cost.

W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect

7. Laminate counters. Laminates have developed quite a bit over the past couple of years. With better advantage designs and picture printing, it’s easy to save the money and utilize laminate. And dressing up the edge is just one really nice and affordable means to earn a laminate counter shine.

Another cheap option for a countertop is ceramic tile, particularly if you do the setup yourself.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

The Mid- to Upper-Range Kitchen Remodel

What if the present kitchen design does not work? Maybe you want to have more space since you really love to inhale and want a place to roll and cut out all those holiday snacks. Or a a kitchen island is something that you’ve always desired so that family and friends can sit as you exhibit your culinary abilities.

A $40,000 to $75,000 kitchen remodel might include:

1. A total rework of the space.
Everything, including the kitchen sink, might need to be moved, which means new plumbing, electric, air ducts and so forth.

2. Professional-style appliances. In the 48-inch built in stainless steel fridge to the 48-inch cooktop with grille and griddle to the 30-inch double convection ovens, this particular kitchen is all about creating wonderful meals.

3. Custom island. And should you would like an island, why not make it like a massive item of furniture with legs and beadboard? It’s a perfect location for those kids to sit and do homework while the evening meal has been prepared.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

4. Custom cabinetry. Beaded, inset doors of clear alder using a custom stain and glaze in nonstandard sizes with all of the accessories make for a beautiful and functional kitchen at a cost.

5. Designer hardware. Forget about using big-box knobs and handles. Just take some time to find the pieces that are special. After all, you’ll be using these items constantly.

6. Wood flooring. Wood or porcelain tile or a rock floor will be more costly than a vinyl tile or sheet.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

7. Stone counters and a glass tile backsplash. A quartz or natural rock material such as granite will surely be more costly than the laminate top. For many, the look and texture of those materials is well worth the extra cost. And while laminate might begin to look utilized and nicked up in a couple of years, rock will be fresh and new looking for many years, even years, after initially being installed.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

8. Customized storage. With custom cabinets, you do not have to settle for what is stocked. Therefore, if you’d like a cabinet designed to handle modest appliances using drop-down doors that become extra counter space, custom is the only way to go.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

The Deluxe Kitchen Remodel

If custom cabinetry, built in refrigeration and a La Cornue range are all must-haves, you are speaking high style and the price tag that goes with it. This kitchen is for real cooks. It’d be a pity to be surrounded by all this stunning stuff, not use it.

A $100,000-plus kitchen remodel might include:

1. A total rework of the space.
As with the mid- to – upper-range kitchen, do not be surprised when everything, including the kitchen sink, has moved, which means new plumbing, electric, air ducts and so forth. Often, you’re gutting the space and beginning from scratch.

2. Architectural consistency. A tall ceiling with beadboard complete, crown moldings, leaded glass windows, authentic baseboard and casing, plus additional architectural elements make sure that the kitchen space will visually connect with and feel as a part of the rest of the house following the remodeling is finished.

3. Rich accessories and materials. Wood floors, stone counters, a chandelier and an Oiental rug will all contribute to the high-end style and elegance you are after.

4. Custom cabinetry throughout. Well-made, well-crafted and attractively finished cabinetry in custom sizes will make your kitchen.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

5. A cooker and hood a French chef would be pleased with. Sure it is the cost of a small (or maybe a large) BMW, but why not? This cooker by La Cornue, hand assembled and custom built to an operator’s specification, has personality, beauty and function all in one.

6. Stone mosaic backsplash. Reinforce the special nature of the cooking area using a backsplash that brings attention to it.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

7. Furniture style. In the tablelike island to the feet on the sink base, these particulars allow you to know that the cabinetry does not have to look like cabinetry. Obviously, we want all of the accessories that produce the cabinetry but that’s on the inside. So let’s create the exterior appropriate to the style and age of the surrounding house.

8. Appliances that hide behind timber doors. Custom wood panels that match the cabinetry hide the larger appliances.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

9. Beautiful details. A farmhouse-style sink and a faucet that appears as though it might have been original to the house all add to the period appeal. Along with the edge of the rock counter makes for an elegant shirt.

Obviously you’ll pay more for these details as well as the high-quality pipes fittings, but that cost will ensure the remodeled kitchen isn’t simply a pleasure to use, however a visual treat too.

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Flash Cards for Architectural Terms

Architects speak their own specialized language, one laced with obfuscation and intrigue. Most of us learned an extensive vocabulary specific to our profession during our years in designing school. Our professors gleefully instructed us to “envision the inherent tension” created from the “diametrically opposed” forms within the “balanced compositional elements encoded” within our “conceptual configuration.”

We are extremely pleased with our language, and today, as we talk with our clients, our speech is sprinkled with this language. Our clients tend to stare at us blankly as we speak, with a mix of envy and disgust in their eyes (mainly disgust).

Certainly we must find a better way to convey. So, as an attempt to clarify things, I’ve come up with a couple of simple flash cards for a few of the more prevalent architectural conditions. It is wise to examine these for a couple of hours a day. That way you’ll understand what I am speaking about.

And perhaps you’ll quit staring at me like that.

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Fundamentally, agoras were the fries of early Rome, but they didn’t serve pizza at the food court. Otherwise, the same.

Agora (actual definition)

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Welcome to the Church of the Holy Desiccant. Now you should probably step away from me, in case of lightning.

Basilica (actual definition)

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Fenestration doesn’t apply only to windows; it is the disposition of the openings on the facade. I just blew your mind, didn’t I?

Fenestration (actual definition)

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Hierarchy (actual definition)

Jody Brown Architecture

I really just needed to use the word “festooning.” Try it. It’s fun.

Ornament (actual definition)

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

or here
or here

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

You are at a prominent place — check.
You are tooting your own horn check.

Scale (as near as I could find to the actual definition)

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Who doesn’t love an architectural pun? … Please don’t answer that.

Symmetry (actual definition)

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Red Doors Spice Up Home Fronts

Elizabeth Arden was on something when she painted the doorway to her Fifth Avenue salon a bright, bold crimson. A red door is a fantastic welcome for any home or business. Even more welcoming is a red door with a window adjacent or embedded in the doorway; the glass provides a sense of openness and lets light into the interior.

When painting an present door crimson, be sure to test several colours to discover a red that complements your house colour. You should use the best-quality exterior paint which you could manage for a durable finish (high-gloss paint is a common option). Red doors can also be made from red-stained wood, metal or other composite materials.

I rounded up photographs of 11 front doors in a variety of shades of crimson and a huge array of fashions. From trendy and contemporary to cottage cute, there’s a door for each home.

Debra Campbell Design

This red door is so quaint it almost hurts. With an arched top, paned glass along with a Dutch cut, it is a ideal selection for its place: picturesque Carmel Valley in California.


A red door adds to the charm of the house’s elegant entry. The geraniums and other scarlet-petal blossoms near the entry add even more welcoming colour.

Ana Williamson Architect

Red goes contemporary in this bold door on a house by architect Ana Williamson. Frosted glass is a great selection for allowing in natural light while still retaining privacy.

Goforth Gill Architects

A cardinal door paired with sunny yellow siding makes for a particularly inviting entry. This doorway has panels on each side and a single pane of glass in the top third of the doorway.

Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design

The facade of the home, set in a neighborhood of affordable artists’ home, respects its rural New England surroundings. Red is a standard colour for agricultural constructions, and the area includes working farmland.

Rauser Design

This kitchen with Rauser Design opens right up into the outside through a red door which is more glass than wood. It’s painted with Redwing by Sherwin-Williams.

EAG Studio

A dual door with brushed glass insets along with a stained glass transom is in keeping with the Victorian architecture of the San Francisco house lovingly rejuvenated by EAG Studio. Brass kickplates prolong the life of this doorway.

Pllc, Swaback Partners

Red is a natural selection for this barn-style doorway of a contemporary cabin by Swaback Partners. A nearby selection of walking sticks adds to the woodsy charm.

TEA2 Architects

A porthole-style window is a lively option with this arched cherry-colored door. It hints at the nautical theme that continues inside this carriage house.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Even apartment buildings and offices can benefit from a welcoming entrance doorway. Designer Tineke Triggs snapped this photo of the entry for her Artistic Designs for Living office. The zebra-patterned carpet gives the hallway a feeling of Hollywood glamour.

Ground and only

Cranberry-hued doors aren’t only for New England. This California dwelling maintains a distinctly West Coast vibe with its slate and river stone course, potted palms, native grasses and midcentury-style red entrance.

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Star Home Facade Combo: Shingle and Stone

Peanut butter and jelly. Blue and white. Stone and shingles. Some items are great lonely but become even better together. Separately, rock and shingle facades add character and charm. Together, these time-tested substances complement each other to create exteriors. Below are some of our favourite uses of this stone-shingle combination.

A rock arch makes a lovely welcome. The combo of stone and shingle with charming touches like the window and intricate woodwork add warmth and softness to temper the cold that solid rock can conjure.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

When we think of this shingle and rock mix, we often think about beach homes. This scenic farm shows that this beautiful mix can work in almost any landscape.

Mockler Taylor Architects

The rock and shingle look glows in Greenwich, Connecticut. This stunning home reveals that even a touch of stone, like this magnificent chimney, can lend variety and dimension into an exterior.

TEA2 Architects

For excellent curb appeal, stone walkways and driveways are a go-to choice. Mixing the color palettes of this rock and shingles really functions.

Joseph B Lanza Layout + Building

This stunning home overlooking a saltwater pond utilizes the classic rock and shake mix to not just create an inviting holiday spot, but additionally to weather the wear which homes by the sea often confront.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

The incorporation of shingles into decor goes back into the early settlement days. Today combining shingles and stone generates the look and feel old even in a newer home, helping it blend in seamlessly in an older area.

Witt Construction

Stone bases are common in homes and buildings constructed before 1915. Today a rock base can still add style and substance.

John Kraemer & Sons

Building with rock is a tradition which dates back thousands of years but continues to be made simpler by modern technology. Rather than using solid, heavy stones, rock veneer can be applied to cement board or poured concrete. The consequent stones weigh from 10 to 18 pounds, which makes them a more sensible, user-friendly choice.

Stone Shows Huge Potential for Homes
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Have a Shine

Does your home need more romance? Would you need to add relaxing touches? Are you interested in finding a litte fire? Turn a wall to candle-based art using large sconces in a deep end, or go simple with milder finished sconces. It is possible to locate a candle sconce to match any size, and if you get a scented candle or two, you can have fun with fragrance. (Of course, always track burning candles for security.) Here are some excellent ways to use sconces in your property.

Alicia Ventura Interior Design

Pretty up the powder room. Candles add a gorgeous touch to your powder room, and scented candles can continue to keep the room clean and aromatic through a party. Install sconces on either side of your mirror or over the bathroom so there is no possibility of anyone knocking them over.

Grandin Road

Laurent Floor Lantern and Wall Sconce – $39

I adore this wall sconce. It has a excellent shape that works with almost any style, and the candle is surrounded by glass to security. I would love to use a pair in a powder room or foyer, on either side of a mirror.

A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner

Create play with multiples. Purchase a few of the exact same sconce to fill more of this wall so you can get a lot of twinkling when the lights are turned off.


Boxes Wall Sconce – $49.95

Get the appearance of the dining area in the former picture with this wall sconce.

Xstyles Bath + More

Romance a master bathroom. Turn a bathtub wall into a flickering vision of light. Install numerous sconces or a huge iron wall one, switch off the lights and enjoy a relaxing bath by candlelight.

Coral Reef Wall Candelabra – $45.99

Insert this large wall sconce to a nautical theme. It will also look great in any seaside space. Use bright yellow candles for a big, bold look.

Life in the Fun Lane

Emphasize a focal point. Boost the visual appeal of your art by installing a pair of candle sconces on either side. Pick a finish that complements the art. To keep the candles from stealing the spotlight in instances like this, select white or white.

Inside Avenue

Progressive Ring Sconce – $248.40

Ensure it is contemporary. Mount this on a dark painted wall and the shiny finish will shine. This would look great in a contemporary dining room.


IMAX Harmony Chandelier Candle Wall Sconce – $107.98

Mix with glitz. Install a bold wrought iron candle sconce which includes crystal for a dramatic feature in a bedroom or bathroom.


Warm a gathering area. Install wall candle sconces in a family room and make a cozy haven. Your room will get a relaxing glow from the lamps and candles. Use big wall sconces so you can go larger with the candles.

Capizia Wall Candleholder Set – $55.99

A great look throughout the night and day! Add fun and color to your walls using these artsy wall sconces. Select up on the blue or brown color for your candles.

Heather Garrett Design

Boost the chic. Insert more flair with wall sconces over your fireplace. Silver and white finishes look great against pewter-hued walls.


Wellfleet Sconce – $350

Take the appearance of the wall sconces in the living room over for this one. Would you believe it is made from shells?

Four Season Iron Sconce – $64

Add outside elegance. Light up the night for this particular iron sconce. It is a good size and comes in many different finishes.

Read candle sconces in the Products section

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Living Roofs Crown Green Design

Been wanting to lighten your footprint, or would you reside in a metropolitan setting and yearn for just a little piece of character? Got a horrible perspective of a bare roof outside your window? A green roof — one covered with living plants — might be just what you have been on the lookout for.

Whether your next job is a whole-house remodel or a chicken coop, think about covering it with a living green roof rather than the familiar lifeless, impermeable, heat-absorbing, fast-shedding, usually not so fairly roof we’re all comfortable with. It’s well worth a small added construction time and cost to reap the following benefits:Reduced energy requirements. A dwelling roof acts as an insulator, reducing the power required to heat and cool your house or building. Reduced greenhouse gases. Living green plants convert carbon dioxide into sugars, producing oxygen as a byproduct. Reduced urban heat island effect. The heating effect of evapotranspiration and the lower Solar Reflectance Index* of a dwelling roof result in lower overall heat given off by the roof surface. (*SRI: a measure of the energy a substance absorbs, then releases as warmth. )Enhanced stormwater management. Slick, impermeable roofs shed water fast and efficiently, contributing to both higher and faster peak runoff and flood in densely developed areas. A green roof plants and soil slow both the rate and the power of runoff. Enhanced water quality. Plants and soil in a green roof absorb and break down pollutants in rainwater. The slower flow of stormwater equals less erosion and subsequent sedimentation downstream. Additional habitat. A dwelling roof provides shelter and food to local birds, bees, butterflies and other woods. Enhanced value and curb appeal. That really is a no-brainer — just examine the pictures! Enhanced quality of life. Admit it: You’re happier when you are surrounded by beauty… and I’d argue that many ordinary roofs drop in the category of blight instead of grandeur. Price of maintenance and installation: In accordance with the EPA website, the price of installing a green roof begins at $10 per square foot for easier extensive roofs (shallow soil, lighter total weight of roof system), and $25 per square foot for intensive roofs (thicker soil, greater overall weight of roof system). Annual maintenance costs are estimated at $.75 to $1.50 per square foot.

Building a green roof. Do not simply huck a lot of soil and plants in addition to the roof you have. A green roof is an integrated system comprised of layers of subroof, waterproofing, soil, irrigation elements, plants, etc.. It is much heavier than a normal roof system, and the construction upon which it stays must be engineered to carry the weight calculated to the roof you wish to build (intensive vs. extensive, complete watering system vs. none, etc.. ).

Start small if you are doing it on yourself. My very first green roof was on a doghouse. It was only when I’d done a great deal of research, worked together with experienced green roofers, received a great deal of help from others and graduated from the doghouse into a drop, then to some garagebefore I felt ready to tackle a whole house green roof.

Even when you just have a small drop in the back and wish to give it a colorful hairdo, it’s worth mentioning green roofs a go.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Harmony with the setting. This green roof blends perfectly with the extended perspective and leaves the cabin look less obtrusive in the landscape. A vegetated roof is not as disruptive of local habitat than a normal roof.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Typical extensive green roof. Notice the multiple elements of the roofing system. The slower rate of runoff in the dwelling roof enables more stormwater to percolate into the surrounding land. A normal roof sheds water at high rate, increasing likelihood surface erosion.

See more of the hillside property

Fulcrum Structural Engineering

Double-duty green roof. Integrate a few solar panels, along with your roof becomes two times as effective and valuable while maintaining your home comfortable, dry and cozy.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Drought-tolerant succulents. Succulents are ideal to vegetating an extensive (shallow dirt ) dwelling roof. High water-use, low water-demand plants, many succulents can take the punishing heat, blistering sunlight and shallow soils of the rooftop surroundings — often without a permanent irrigation and nearly no maintenance.

Notice the design of the plantings along with the band of pebbles around the perimeter of the roof. The pebbles improve the makeup and trap any soil kicked up by driving rain, keeping the soil on the roof where it belongs.

McClellan Architects

Extensive and intensive roofs on precisely the exact same project. The extensive green roof in the center ground of the picture has shallow soil and shallow-rooted plants. The rooftop garden in the foreground is constituted of pavers laid over a suspended infrastructure with intensive green roof edges.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

California natives. A combination of California poppies (Eschscholzia californica), yarrow (Achillea mellifolium) along with other natives causes this intensive green roof directly at home in this California backyard.

Coates Design Architects Seattle

Prevegetated mats. Contemplate prevegetated mats to your green roof project. Modular units of soil and rooted plants simplify installation once the proper structure and waterproofing are set up. A carpet of mixed stonecrop (Sedum) varieties creates a low-muss, low-fuss green roof.

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Enriched composition. This green roof provides each of the environmental benefits of a dwelling roof and matches the strong lines of the home’s modern architecture.

Robert Hawkins

Habitat along with a borrowed perspective. What might have been an unfortunate view of a sexy, glaring roof is currently a charming vignette. The plant palette with this dwelling roof ties the house to the distant mountains and brings seed-eating birds into eye level.

Natural Balance Home Builders

Rooftop tapestry. Colorful stonecrop varieties comparison with a white-leaf fescue with this vibrant green roof.

Kenneth Philp Landscape Architects

Garden in the sky. This rooftop garden shows another approach to making garden area in the domain normally dominated by air conditioners and other mechanical elements. The building needs to be designed from the floor up to accomodate the burden of the backyard and handle stormwater. Tough, year-round plants in 18-inch-high planters need little upkeep. Planter walls offer seating; pavers set over a suspended infrastructure along with a killer perspective make this space popular with construction tenants.

So Your Design Is: Green
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Barn Doors Slide Into Style

If you do not shut a door, you can find yourself subjected to the timeworn “Were you raised in a barn?” remark. But, there’s absolutely no need to disparage barn doors. In reality, a sliding bar–style door can be a choice for a inside.

A traditional door may use up to 9 square feet of space (a set of French doors, much more). While that might not seem like a lot counts. Installing a door means that it’s going to take only a few inches of floor space up. The disadvantage? Sliding barn doors occasionally afford protection that is noise than doors, which close tightly.

A sliding door is not the answer for all small rooms. You have to have enough wall space adjacent to your door to slide over the door. Distance market that is similar is offered by A pocket but demands demolition to install. A fairly handy DIY-er can tackle installing a sliding barn door, but if you are unsure of your abilities, employ a professional to ensure your door slides smoothly and safely.

Browse sliding barn doors in Products

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

A sliding door shuts off a bedroom in this house in Mill Valley, California, made by Tineke Triggs. Here the walls, door and trim are all painted the same white colour so that the door blends with its environment.

See the rest of this home

Van Wicklen Design

While this bedroom is barely short on space, a barn door is a charming nation inclusion. Designer Jeanette Van Wicklen ordered the hardware from Barn Door Hardware and had the door is designed by her builder.

See the rest of this home

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

A close-up view shows you how a sliding door monitor works: Typically, the door is hung from a piece of hardware with a wheel that rolls along a track attached to the wall.

Su Casa Designs

The team at Su Casa Styles of Newton, Massachusetts, knows that a barn door is a practical choice for a kitchen space, where swinging doors may get in the way. Three panels of glass allow natural light.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

A lime-green hue brings the eye to the front door of this home by Feldman Architecture, but it is the oversize sliding door to the left that is the real showstopper. In this instance, the sliding barn door acts as a room divider.

TruLinea Architects Inc..

This sliding door is designed to tuck into the adjacent staircase — a true space saver. It’s clad in the same wood as a nearby wall, giving the door a smooth look when closed.

Flea Market Sunday

This slider does double duty as a door along with a makeshift gallery for children’s art. There are a few magnets all you have to use your door if you install a metal door.

Find more ways to display your child’s artwork


Barn doors are a contemporary alternative to traditional doors and take floor space up.

See the rest of this home

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

A door may be used for over closing entrances between chambers. Here, Feldman Architecture installed a slider to pay up an office space when it isn’t in use.

Murphy & Co.. Design

A barn door can feel at home in a cupboard. In this generous walk-in by Murphy & Co., a sliding barn door can be pushed to one side to pay behind.

Barn Doors: They’re Not Just for the Farm

Sliding Doors: Transition in High Design

Opening Acts: Folding, Sliding and Pivoting Doors

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Converted Garage Tackled in Remodel

Dallas homeowners Ken and Sandra Prater started remodeling their 1940s ranch 24 decades back. When we purchased the house, we purchased the approximately half-acre lot. At the moment, I was working for an architectural firm and brought my colleagues over, however they did not see my vision. It had great bones and I understood it,” Sandra says. Together with the support of architect David Dillard of D2 Architecture,the couple began tackling their renovation priorities, starting with surrounding the garage. They converted the space into a family room, then tackled the kitchen. The kitchen was in desperate need of a makeover using its first 1940s linoleum floors and a built-in banquette typically found at a diner.

Following the remodeling changes, Sandra, an interior designer at SHP Interiors, layered within her vintage collections with everything from figurines, plates, prints, furniture and other flea market or property sale treasures.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Ken and Sandra Prater; puppies Molly, Britta and Hank
Location: Dallas
Size: 4,500 square feet; 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
That is interesting: Once their 3 sons left home, Ken and Sandra awakened the sports court at the backyard and place into a pool, and a hot tub and a fire pit.

Katherine Robertson Photography

In the circular driveway you see the front porch and the extra fireplace and accent windows to what was once the garage entrance. Ken and Sandra first enclosed the garage, then raised the floor to make it flow together with the house, not appear to be a garage conversion. They were then confronted with the challenge of what to do with the garage door beam from the new family room. “We needed to bring in a special pier driller due to our specimen tree in the front yard,” Sandra says.

Katherine Robertson Photography

You’d never understand this space was once a garage. The TV and other media components are neatly hidden in a built-in cabinet to the right of the fireplace. Tall, decorative windows conceal what was when the roof over the garage door. The family room includes a custom made sofa, a classic cabinet and a lot of seats.

Katherine Robertson Photography

Another view of the previous garage space. The sofa and chairs are custom made and most of the other bits are antiques found at estate sales and flea markets like Marburger Farm Antique Show at Round Top, Texas. The majority of the lamps at the house are constructed of found objects that Sandra locates while looking for customers.

Painting: Kyle Ragsdale

Katherine Robertson Photography

A step up from the den is the breakfast area. French doors on the other side of the breakfast table lead right to the backyard, and a frosted door contributes to the utility space using the word usefulness pointing the way.

Katherine Robertson Photography

The remodeled kitchen includes honed granite countertops, a commercial range and tons of cabinets. The breakfast area, laundry room and double French doors resulting in the patio and pool would be to the left. The cabinets were painted from white to a pale-gray color. The island is a classic find, and it functions as a work area, storage, and a gathering place for the family. Industrial-style containers hold serving pieces to its many parties and functions Sandra hosts.

Range: Thermador; kitchen cabinets: Gray Owl, Benjamin Moore; light: Visual Comfort

Katherine Robertson Photography

This space was originally the living space, and the two doors flanking the fireplace were inserted during the garage renovation. Comfortable upholstered seats with nail heads and the fireplace supply an inviting gathering area.

Katherine Robertson Photography

The cathedral ceiling in the master bedroom was recently covered with timber slats, as well as the beams to incorporate the timber detailing. Sandra kept the color palette neutral to make it simple to swap out seasonal mattress linens. A group of framed vintage prints hangs over the mattress.

Katherine Robertson Photography

This little sitting room off the master bedroom generates an inviting retreat with views of the backyard pool and fire pit. The framed botanical prints across the windows are from Marshalls, and most of the other bits are antiques. Sandra recently included a brand new chandelier to finish out the space and says,”That is my refuge, my escape.”

Katherine Robertson Photography

The master bath includes flooring with black accents and hers and his cabinets. Sandra says,”My next project in the works is to redo the master bath. I want to devote a freestanding bathtub that is a bit longer because l’m 6 ft tall.”

An antique dresser holds clothing and exhibits her collection of store perfumes and jewelry. Sandra says,”Everything should have other functions. Never plan on a specific piece for a specific location. Ken says to me,’Things always proceed in this house!'”

Katherine Robertson Photography

This bedroom was at first a nursery for each of the couple’s sons and today is a comfy and inviting guest space.

Katherine Robertson Photography

The guest bathroom comes with a green, botanical color scheme as well as a custom made cabinet, using a gray marble counter tops and stainless steel sink. The Schumacher grass-cloth wallpaper ties in with all the green color scheme, and Sandra added maple colored wood accessories to complement it. The bathroom also includes Sandra’s collection of of majolica plates and botanical prints.

Katherine Robertson Photography

The stairway wall has been covered in framed artwork, which Sandra plans to keep on adding to till it reaches the ceiling. The artwork is thoughtfully selected in neutral colors and paired with black, silver and golden frames. The breezeway resulting in the stairs was originally the dining room. The stairs lead to the second story, which was inserted to the house after a decade or so.

Wall paint: Wool Skein, Sherwin-Williams

Katherine Robertson Photography

Upstairs, this second living area was largely employed by Sandra’s sons when they were growing up for relaxing and doing homework. A group of vintage and found artwork from flea markets hangs on the rear wall. Sandra provides this information to other homeowners,”Hire a designer that captures your personality and not theirs.”

Sofa: Quatrine; coffee table: Wisteria; prints: folk art from Santa Fe, New Mexico; pillows: Pine Cone Hill

Katherine Robertson Photography

Another view of the upstairs living area. Chalkboard 4-by-8-foot sheets cover the walls above the wainscoting. They’ve been there because her sons were young, and several of the scribbles are years old.

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Fantastic Design Plant: Cape Rush

Your garden functions as an outdoor refuge — your personal refuge from the pressures and distractions of everyday life. If your current plantings are not taking you to this particular place or require a lot of maintenance, consider cape dash (Chondropetalum tectorum), the ideal exotic and decorative grass that only looks like it took forever to nurture.

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Botanical name:Chondropetalum tectorum

Common names: cape rush, little cape dash

USDA zones: 8 to 10

Water requirement: Low

Sun requirement: Full sun to partial shade

Mature size: 2-3 feet tall and wide

Tolerances: Drought, deer, coastal, land

Far Out Flora

Distinguishing attributes. Cape dash is architectural yet still distinctly a grass. It arcs and bows with the cinch but obviously defines its shape and place in space. Banded sinuous green stalks persist throughout the year, while little brown flowers appear in terminal clusters come summer.


The best way to utilize it. Cape dash is tolerant of a wide assortment of soil types and moisture, which makes it versatile and flexible in a number of configurations. It provides a calming visual addition to an aquatic garden or around a pool, and its own coastal tolerance makes proximity to water even more viable.

Melissa Gale Photography

Cape dash is also ideal for arid landscapes, and its own breezy motion alludes to water in landscapes lacking that feature. Add natural slope stability to a hillside or utilize it for textural contrast in a minimalist garden.

Far Out Flora

Keep it rising. Hardy to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, cape rush grows most successfully implanted in sunlight. While cape rush is drought tolerant once established, it can always benefit from occasional supplementary watering to enliven it.

Early spring calls for the removal of spent foliage to permit for new growth to emerge. Contrary to other clump perennial grasses, cape rush needs its older stalks removed individually as opposed to cut down to the floor. Divide every few years to encourage wholesome growth.

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Color Pop: Bold Red Robes

Red can seem amazing. Personally, I tend to shy away in the color, choosing pink gloss over red lipstick and plum over scarlet in my own wardrobe. But I can see its appeal. You simply need a small pop of red to make an impression. A bit red goes a long way in decorating, also. So I had been curious to see what happens if you elect for a red frame around your artwork or mirrors. Here’s what I found:

Rosenberry Rooms

The glowing red frame of the chalkboard stands outside and feels right at home in this country-style entryway.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Since this background is such a bold, busy routine, the red frame is just one of the few components that gives your eye a place to pause.

This reddish frame is vacant of artwork — there’s merely a mat indoors, framing the background behind it.

Fl├╝ff Designs & Decor

Because the red frames are not the only red in this bedroom, then your eye bounces around. The frames seem purposeful as red accent color and draw your eyes up above the headboard. The headboard feels more silent under the red frames.

Dear Daisy Cottage

These mirrors share similar elaborate red frames. The color makes these mirrors seem particularly glam. I would really like to see this arrangement on a light grey wall.

This gallery wall displays a mix of many distinct frames, with one red frame at the center. The reddish adds an element of surprise to the arrangement.

Paige Merchant Designs

Inside this kiddo’s room, I certainly see the red frames prior to the artwork inside. (Not sure if that’s good or bad?) I like how the bold red frames draw out your eye.

Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP

The small reddish frames above the crib complement the adjacent accent wall.

The elaborate red frame only increases the drama in this area. I like how this red frame feels a little moody.

Hint: An easy way to tone down red is to put it against a dark background. Here, the area is quite dark with walnut black walls and floors.

Surge – ATX

The two rows of reddish frames in this dining room pull your eyes to look up (and see cool chandelier).

There’s lots of white and red in this area. The pieces of red, including the red frames, seem modern against such a white background.

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