Kitchen of the Week: Contemporary Meets Rustic in Southern California

The brick-like tile, vintage lighting fixtures and reclaimed wood in this kitchen may indicate an earlier era, but the clean cabinetry and contemporary fixtures stage to its latest design. The owners, newlyweds in Southern California, needed a kitchen which would replace the obsolete old space without appearing blatantly brand-new. After reworking the design and shutting up doors that are unnecessary, designer Lisa Gutow professionally mixed both contemporary and rustic components to create a warm, welcoming and eclectic kitchen.

Kitchen at a Glance

Who lives here: A recently married couple
Location: San Clemente, California
Size: 130 square feet

Lisa gutow design

The white planked cabinetry gives the kitchen a low-key feel that is in accord with its coastal location. Gutow set up a reclaimed rough-sawn wood beam over the hood as a rustic accent.

The kitchen size and design didn’t allow for as much storage as the couple would’ve liked, so Gutow place glass shelves in front of one window to maximize space and allow for natural lighting. Since the little window just includes an opinion of a guesthouse next door, the client prioritized storage within the view.

Hardware: Restoration Hardware; range: Electrolux with concealed hood

Lisa gutow design

The rustic brick-style backsplash is really made from cement field tile. Gutow and the clients chose the tile with brick in your mind, so it’d seem similar to that kitchen has always been here. “We wanted it to seem like the drywall had been chiseled away and brick was discovered,” says Gutow.

Hand-painted Italian tile over the stove adds a more contemporary element and stays in accord with the remainder of the house’s Mediterranean undertones.

Backsplash tile: Hacienda San Felipe, Ann Sacks; tile over stove: Haveli, Ann Sacks

Before Photo

Lisa gutow design

The prior kitchen had been neglected for ages. Here is a view of the first distance, looking away in the smaller window at the rear of the kitchen. The big window over the sink was kept in the new design.

The kitchen outdated cabinetry had entire drawers and cabinets overlooking. The white and black pattern on the ground had worn in several areas, so Gutow sanded it down and used Annie Sloan chalk paint to create a low-contrast stripe.

Lisa gutow design

AFTER: Though Gutow kept the original appliance layout to avoid shifting plumbing and gas components, she reworked the traffic patterns.

Before Photo

Lisa gutow design

When looking into the kitchen, in which the little window exists now, there were two additional doors; one led to the courtyard, another to a laundry area. The empty wall is where the stove sits at the kitchen. Gutow closed both doors up, created another entrance to the laundry area and flipped the courtyard door right into a more compact kitchen window. Now foot traffic travels through the living room, rather than the kitchen.

Lisa gutow design

AFTER: Fixing the courtyard door using the smaller window on the left created room for cabinets, such as those below the window and the device which sits on the countertop, holding the coffeemaker and microwave.

The lively blue pendants include some essential colour; the client found these classic pieces on her, and Gutow had them rewired to your kitchen. The butcher block is. The excess surface area close to the refrigerator is the best location for putting together a cheese plate or a appetizer before carrying it in the adjoining dining area.

Blue bracelets: classic; sink: Rohl; faucet: Country Kitchen, Rohl; countertops: honed marble, Botticcino Classico

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Love to Cook? You Require a Fan. Find the Right Kind for You

Finding a fantastic range hood is not just about fashion — knowing what will work best for the own kitchen and how you cook is key. Think carefully about what you need from your own kitchen ventilation system before you go shopping.

Range hoods come as island-mount layouts within a central island and wall-mount models that sit on the wall behind a stove or cooktop. They may be mounted under upper cabinetry or be invisible when incorporated into decorative cabinetry for a power pack. In addition you have the choice of various kinds of downdraft models, either in the form of incorporated stovetop ventilation or as separate pop-up vents.

Curious what will look best on your new kitchen? Here are some options.

Dlux Images

Island Fans

An island fan will be more expensive than a wall-mounted enthusiast, only because it needs to look great from all four sides. But some jobs have island fans used as wall-mounted models or in front of windows.

A buff such as this acts as a sculpture on your own kitchen, interacting with other ornamental things nearby (such as pendants and chandeliers). It is possible to easily create visual clutter when these items aren’t positioned and chosen carefully. Give each product enough breathing space so it does not need to struggle for attention.

Glenvale Kitchens

Wall-Mounted Fans

The magnificent wall-mounted model shown here is from Zephyr. It’s easy to overlook that this piece of art is actually an appliance. Wall-mounted ventilation goods are quiet and efficient, and they arrive in more than 200 RAL colors!

Cucina Bella Ltd. – Rebecca Gagne CKD

Measure your ceiling height attentively if you are likely to work with a model using a stainless steel chimney. You may need to purchase an extension bit to help the chimney get to the ceiling.

If you would like to steer clear of the seam lines which arrive with chimney extensions, then consider running the chimney into a valance or upper cupboard instead.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Undercabinet Fans

This undercabinet enthusiast produces a professional-looking statement. The controllers for models like this one sit on the unit’s face or bottom. At times it’s necessary to oversize the hood enthusiast to create a pleasing proportion between the range and hood fan. However, for a boxier unit like this, it is totally appropriate to choose the exact same width for range and enthusiast.

Scott Weston Architecture Design PL

Specialty Ventilation

Specialty units such as this Broan E12000 Series enthusiast are fantastic possibilities for smaller kitchens. Its European styling reveals a slim 11/2-inch lip. When the fan is on, this bit slides forwards from the surface of the upper cabinetry by about 6 inches.

Want a seamless appearance? Continuing a band of stainless steel at the exact same width all along the bottom of the upper cabinetry would make the enthusiast disappear.

Moroso Construction

With a similar strategy with a buff liner would require about 2 inches greater depth than the previous example. This kitchen includes a wide stainless steel ring above the cooking zone which accentuates the space’s horizontal features. To replicate this appearance, you would have to get a cabinetmaker create a plywood box and get it wrapped and welded with a sheet-metal manufacturer.


Power Packs

A power pack (also referred to as a liner) allows you to create your own hood fan design. The power pack here is integrated into a rock surround.

Power packs have controls over the bottom panel, but they may also be wired to a remote control box. Some manufacturers also offer wireless remote controllers. The standard power pack unit requires a structure which extends at least 21 inches in the wall.

Most electricity packs comprise LED or low-voltage halogen spotlighting, too. Take a fantastic look at the positioning of your lighting. Depending upon the producer, they may be mounted on the front or rear of this unit. Some install at a tilt. Based on my experience, a version with front-mounted lights which tilt toward the rear or lighting which face down work much better than lighting mounted at the rear of this unit.

Erdreich Architecture, P.C.

This soft contemporary kitchen includes a narrow power pack hidden within the upper cabinetry. Several businesses, such as Broan and Nu Tone, provide exceptionally narrow power packs which may fit to a standard upper cabinet depth. This can be combined with an electric or induction cooktop, because the fan would not reach over the front burners of a gas unit’s open fire pit.

Sullivan Building & Design Group

This power pack was combined with an outside or toaster. The outside blower is not visible here, which is a gorgeous solution with the simple wood and face trim.

A personalized unit above a sealed gas-powered stove typically requires 42 inches of clearance to combustible surfaces. A normal gas cooker requires 36 inches of space to the hood. Since a lot of decorative covers are designed to expand on either side of the range’s width, they will also have a bottom board in which the power pack is set up. You’ll have to either choose a noncombustible material for the bottom panel or move the hood up fan so.

Habachy Designs

This picture shows ventilation grilles installed to a dropped ceiling above the kitchen area. A liner or a small power pack along with an inline or external blower would work for this appearance.

If you would like an even more streamlined design — perhaps using long, narrow ventilation strips — operate with an HVAC expert. However, this program will definitely require a ceiling.

Notice: The greater a buff sits, the more powerful it has to be, which may bring about a draft when you are standing under it. Kitchen fans are also designed to trap grease and steam as near the source as possible. The more complicated the enthusiast, the easier it is to allow vapors to dissipate through the room.

Synergy Construction & Design

Microwave and Hood Fan Combinations

You can also incorporate a combination appliance for kitchen ventilation. There are pros and cons to this particular option, and it is a matter of personal preference.

For many homeowners, a microwave is a no-brainer. However, the true positioning of a microwave can be challenging — particularly in a small kitchen — because it often takes up precious counter or shelf space. Using a combination microwave hood fan above the range sets it out of the way, right into a place that would’ve been employed by a port anyhow. It often strengthens the concept of the stove area as the primary attribute in the kitchen too, without the visual clutter of other appliances. It’s definitely worth considering in small to mid sized kitchens.

But this location also makes the microwave very difficult to reach, as you need to lean over a possibly hot surface. I would never install a unit like this over a gas range — the open flame could become very dangerous.

Kitchen Concepts, Inc..

Pop-Up Downdraft Fans

The flexible pop-up downdraft is one of my favorite port choices. These vents rise in the counter top at the touch of a button. When the vent is resting, all that is visible is a 11/2-inch-wide stainless steel bar. The guts are hidden within the base cupboard — it takes up about 12 inches in depth and a lot of the cabinet’s height. However, it still leaves about 10 to 12 inches of shelf depth for pots and pans.

Home Restoration Services, Inc..

This photograph shows a pop-up downdraft at the center of its ascent. Notice the way the steam in the pot is already traveling to the fan grill, even though it is not completely extended yet.

If a cooking zone is placed against an outside wall, rather than within an island, your ventilation can go directly through the wall to the outside. If used in an island, the ventilation duct needs to be brought down between the floor joists and toward an outside wall. This alternative takes the duct to go parallel with the floor joists (otherwise it could weaken the load-bearing system), so the duct operate could get very long, and you may need to consider the more expensive inclusion of a highly effective exterior blower. Be certain to go over this with your kitchen designer, contractor or heating and ventilation expert before planning and purchasing a a pop-up downdraft model.

Glenvale Kitchens

This photograph shows a pop-up downdraft completely stretched. Now you can buy vents which open up to about 15 inches above the counter. These are extremely beneficial when combined with gas tops. Previously, the regular 6- to 8-inch height of a pop-up vent would draw gas flames toward the enthusiast, dispersing heat on the petrol top.

The Sky is the Limit Design

Range With Pop-Up Downdraft

Some ranges now may have a pop-up downdraft installed directly behind them. Previously, you could put in this port just with a cooktop, because the blower unit and enthusiast took up a lot of this cupboard space beneath, leaving little room for an oven. Now’s slim layouts have transformed that.

The combination of range and pop-up downdraft shown here would be an excellent alternative for a small kitchen, since it leaves the room above the range free for cabinetry or some thing different.

The Workshops of David T. Smith

Range With Integrated Downdraft

Jenn-Air is well known for its incorporated downdraft, which is a part of its flat cooking surface. Instead of having to add a separate appliance — such as the range with the pop-up downdraft combination — you can find a range which accompanies its ventilation built in.

In my experience, homeowners tend to love or hate these appliances. Though they create a fresh appearance, the vent is right on your face, and you may see the dirt quickly accumulating from the grille.

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

This shot shows a Jenn-Air downdraft vent set up in an island. This is a superb example of how a downdraft ventilation solution enables you to substitute an island enthusiast with interesting lighting. These appliances give you more design flexibility.

Inform us What’s your experience been while shopping for kitchen ventilation? Which alternative do you like?

More: How to Select the Right Hood Fan For The Kitchen

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Guest Groups: 20 Cozy Autumn Kitchen Cabinets

With autumn fast approaching, it is time to add deep rich colors and warm cozy textures to your family’s spaces. And what better place to start than at the core of the house, the kitchen? I hope you like my favourite finds for autumn decor. — Lauren from With Two Cats


“Bouquet” by Geninne – $30

Every space needs fresh flowers. Can’t afford them? Use this lovely watercolor fragrance by Geninne Zlatkis instead.


Rosemary Kitchen Art Print by anek – $38

If your thumb isn’t green enough to grow your own herbs, this publish will continue to keep your kitchen clean and your cooking inspired all year long.


Apron Linen Brown by smallbatchproduction – $65

Wrap yourself in warmth with this cozy linen apron. Looks beautiful on or simply hanging from a hook on the pantry door.


Go green and bag your grocery store in style with this leather and triangle tote from bookhouathome on Etsy.

Rifle Paper Co..

Hanging Garden Recipe Cards – $12

Record your favourite dishes on these colorful recipe cards out of Rifle Paper Co..


Black Hawaiian Sea Salt – $12

Add a dash of the exotic to your cooking with this black Hawaiian sea salt out of Terrain (also it will look pretty hanging out in an open plate, to boot).


Natural Lines Tea Towel by PAWLING – $24

Add simple elegance to your kitchen with this handmade, screen-printed linen tea towel.

Jonathan Adler

Bird Salt/Pepper Shakers – $48

These iconic salt and pepper shakers from Jonathan Adler will add a dash of class to your area.

Jonathan Adler

Relief Teapot – $95

This stunning teapot out of Jonathan Adler is sure to add a dose of warm elegance to your evening cup of tea.


“The Fantastic Life” by Adrian Richardson – AUD 57.60

Inspire your culinary creations with this particular artfully-designed cookbook by Adrian Richardson.

Enamel Kitchenmanagement Containers

Store your cooking and baking basics in such shiny enamel storage containers. Stackable and beautiful — the ideal blend of form and function.


Agadir Twists Rug – $498

This richly-colored rug will add just a little warmth and softness underfoot while you brew your morning cup of joe.

West Elm

Sea Measuring Cups – $19

Warm stoneware measuring cups in a vibrant turquoise enable you to get it just right.


I adore these hand-carved magnets out of A Second Life on Etsy. If you are going to hang something in your fridge, make it beautiful.


Zinc-Topped Country Table – $2,455

This rustic zinc-topped table will provide the ideal work surface for all of your chopping, slicing and dicing.

West Elm

Woven Seagrass Pendant – $89

This organic seagrass pendant is sure to be a show-stopper in any area.


Minty Green Metal File Recipe Box by Wannanea – $7

This traditional vintage metal recipe box will keep all of your favourite how-tos at your fingertips.

The Container Store

Maize Bins – $14.99

I really like the colour and feel of these maize bins in The Container Store. A wonderful way to store all those kitchen odds and ends.

Alphabet Magnets – $69.99

And also to keep your little ones busy from the kitchen these gorgeous wooden letter magnets out of ChildTrek.


Hand-drawn Ball Mason Jar by hownowdesign – $10

Mason jars make the ideal storage containers for all things food. Why don’t you make them extra special, like these hand-drawn jars from How Now Design on Etsy?

Next: More guest product picks

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18 Ways to Make a Kitchen Your Own

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home; it is where we frequently congregate as we prepare meals, eat and entertain. Since we’re spending considerable time in the marketplace, we should be thinking about how to produce the space personable and distinctive.

Even though all kitchens are made up of exactly the exact same standard essentials, there are several strategies to wed form and function in smart and creative ways to make it your own. Whether you are starting from scratch, renovating or simply trying to make a few alterations, read on for 18 suggestions to make a distinctive, unexpected kitchen that’s anything but cookie cutter.

David Sharff Architect, P.C.

Add colour with bright seats. The kitchen itself feels contemporary and clean-lined; the bright pop of orange along with fun form of the Fjord High Bar Stools punches its own personality.

Chr DAUER Architects

Or mix and match in different colors.

Imagine Living

Mix and match wood species. It is hard enough picking one kind of wood, so why not organize several? The mix results in a natural aesthetic that is both earthy and odd; the perfect complement to this modern space.

Desire to Inspire

Combine different styles. The kitchen may be a more functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated using the same layout approaches as a living area or bedroom. Combining a modern dining table and seats with a oriental rug along with rustic cabinetry creates a vibe that’s both eclectic and sophisticated.

Mal Corboy Design

Set the point with a bold color. No kitchen is getting lost in a white background when it is outfitted in turquoise cabinetry.

Arturo Medellin

Here is another example in crimson. The lacquer finish makes it all the more enticing.

Kim Duffin for Sublime Architectural Interiors

Set the point in multiple bold colors. Rather than choosing only one uniform colour, mix it up with several. After the colour scheme is so daring, there is little demand for extra accessories.

Glenvale Kitchens

Use corner drawers. Impress your guests and use space efficiently by installing corner drawers. They eliminate the bother of losing things behind a lazy Susan.

More creative ways to Deal with corners

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Accessorize creatively. Treat your kitchen as you would any other area of the home and sneak in lively accessories.

Elad Gonen

Get creative with cabinetry. Contemplate sliding panel doors rather than conventional cabinetry; you can push it open to reveal all your essentials simultaneously rather than opening and re-opening cabinets in search for the skillet. To make it even more interesting, pick a decorative panel that doubles as art.

Aneka Interiors Inc..

Or get creative with custom cabinetry by simply choosing an unusual style like these angled doors.

Dan Brown

Turn your range hood into a focus. Range hoods frequently look exactly the same, so by selecting one in an unexpected shape it becomes an extra kitchen layout component.

James LeCron

Install a island in different levels. Not just will this boost the visual appeal of your room, but it is going to add function by producing comfortable surface amounts for both eating and preparing meals.

Beckwith Interiors

Seek out odd light fixtures. The Cicatrices De Luxe 5 Pendant Light by Philippe Starck resembles a glass screen hanging in midair.

Divine Design+Build

Install an integrated bookcase to your own island. Make your island as smart as it is functional with attached shelving to display kitchen essentials and decorative knickknacks.

Ventana Construction LLC

Have fun with appliances. This turquoise range from BlueStar provides this kitchen a mid-century sense reminiscent of Mad Men.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Take an interesting shape for the island. So frequently islands are square or rectangular, but an unusual shape will make it much more eye-catching and may provide you with useful extra surface area.


Or choose an altogether odd island. It resembles this kitchen island only beached after a day at sea. Ahoy!

More: 23 Inspiring Real-Life Kitchens

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9 Components of Spanish Resurrection Kitchens

In case you prefer the appearance of warm old world houses, Spanish Revival may function as the design for you personally. We have previously investigated a few of such a layout of the timeless architectural and interior components. Now, let us take a peek inside some kitchens to find out the method by which the design is expressed in the center of your home.

Filmore Clark

1. Hood that is flared. Curves are noticed in Spanish design, from arches to scroll designs, so it’s not astonishing the hoods in many cases are flared in form. This one is produced from sheetrock, with cast stone corbels and trim.

The Furniture Guild

2. Walnut cupboards with ornamentation. Most classic Spanish furniture was created from walnut and had cosmetic elements like rope and beaded trim. It is tied by the wood with this hood to the remaining cabinet making.

Here is a unique corner fridge which resembles a furniture piece.

4. Hand-painted tile. Intricate hand-painted tile provides colour and design to the backsplash. I really like the red in this design fits the variety and cabinet making knobs. This tile is from Fillmore Clark.

Here’s some enjoyment tile in a pub place from Latin Accents.

Hann Builders

5. Oil-rubbed bronze finish. The brownish aged look of oil-rubbed bronze is useful in a Spanish kitchen. This conclusion is viewed on hardware in addition to faucets.

Tracery Interiors

6. Cooking that is arched alcoves. The range is the center of the Spanish kitchen. If room allows, an excellent point would be made by a big cooking alcove.

Summerour Architects

7. Wooden ceiling beams. This architectural depth is regularly discovered through the house. And how about about this cooking that is comfy alcove?

Mal Corboy Style

8. Wrought ironwork. This white kitchen is clean and striking compared with all the black rock counters and dark aged wood board flooring. The wrought-iron work in the six lantern island pendant the gate and cupboard inserts are hints that there’s some Spanish impact in this room.

Lewin Wertheimer

9. Saltillo floor tiles. Terracotta tiles actually warm up this kitchen and connect with the wood ceiling beams.

Hint: Authentic saltillo tiles are porous and split readily, s O a mo-Re useful selection is Saltillo-seem concrete or high-fired porcelain tile. Arto Brick takes Artillo was called by a line.

What does one believe? Could Spanish Revival function as the design for you?

10 Favourite Options That Come With Spanish-Revival-Style
9 Architectural Components of Spanish-Revival-Style
Brilliant Cement Tile Makes a Come-Back

Work Islands: Pendant Lights Completed Right

The best way to light an isle is a matter of endless speculation and stress, but it needn’t be an area so fraught with doubt. It is helpful to get the three major forms of house lighting: Ambient lighting, the overall illumination you get from ceiling lights and a few wall-mounted lights; emphasis lighting, which brings attention to some characteristic of an area, and task light, like pendants and under-counter lights.

In an operating chamber just like a kitchen, job illumination takes on a value that is difficult to overstate. Lights, particularly when hung over an isle, get all of the glory. Even though every chamber and light target differs, here are a few cases of isle pendant lights completed properly:

The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

The standard rule that’s not actually a rule is some thing called “The Rule of Three.” Basically, The Rule of Three states an quick method to reach equilibrium would be to duplicate 3 times to an aspect. I prefer to think of it as the rule of amounts that are uneven. Human brains are pattern recognition devices, as well as the simplest pattern there’s an uneven amount. There are a fourth organizing pendant on the sink as well as three pendants on the island. This chamber’s balanced the one pendant within the sink is on another airplane all together, and as the three pendants within the island are on just one plane.

Witt Development

The Rule of Three requires a backseat to scale, constantly. This kitchen has pendants that are bigger and a smaller isle. The isle is here illuminated by both pendants plus they are big enough that three of them would be mind-boggling. The quantity of light you need as well as the percentages of the pendants you are utilizing consistently trumps The Rule of any rules or Three.

Harrell Re Modeling, Inc.

Occasionally, pendant lights certainly are a means to inject interest and some colour. These three pendants on the island would be and that is because of their vibrant colour in a otherwise impersonal room and the focus of the kitchen.

they’re modest enough that three of them suit easily in the the room plus they make enough gentle to do their employment.

Occasionally, a pendant is not actually a pendant at all. These arm lamps offer powerful and flexible task illumination along with an unforeseen turn. The graphical of the diver offsets their visible fat to the correct. Despite its obvious simplicity, this can be an extremely well-designed chamber.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

The lights in various sizes, come such as the lights from producers. In this scenario, the designer went with two bigger sizes as an alternative of three (or even more) smaller types. The cloudlike look of the Logico Suspension Pendants disguises the reality which they’re hanging in a line that is pretty stiff. The line shaped by these pendants, when along with the crown moldings in the space, join to indicate a ceiling. This approach is a method to simply take large ceilings by concentrating a-line or chain of lines between eight and nine feet over the ground and attract them down into a human scale.

In Detail Insides

This kitchen is a research in the best way to light an area correctly. The focus of this chamber is the hood on the wall within the range. The three pendants which might be in line with that hood do not divert from it. See how the curved is complemented by the curved styles of the pendants designs on the sides of the hood, the corbels below it as well as the cornice on the encounter of the hood. Add the curves on the rear of the seats and stools and a motif comes into the world.

Locating equilibrium among each of the competing components is hard, and also this designer pulls it away attractively.

Stephen Dalton Architects

With two bigger pendants rather than three, the designer went in this kitchen. The highlights scattered surrounding this this chamber are duplicated in the pendants and keep the emphasis focused and reduced. The isle is the centre of the chamber is a purpose made having a mixture of the aluminum stools, the lights as well as the white foundation. This can be a kitchen that feeds tons and does it with efficacy and elegance.

Kitchen Models by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

The emphasis in this kitchen is the fascinating T contour created the back-splash tile and also by the wall cupboards on the wall that is far. This isle is defined to that particular wall on the diagonal, as well as that angled line is followed by the pendants. There is somewhat of asymmetry on the job here that keeps matters intriguing that is discreetly.

Hint: Pendants usually are hung 60 to 66 inches from the ground with their bottom rim. Those recommendations are susceptible to change, yet. The stature of the project to be illuminated all interact to discover the appropriate height to get confirmed setup, the layout of the pendant and also the denizens.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

This kitchen is beautiful to get a host of causes, maybe not the very least of which is its totally balanced utilization of dark colours in a otherwise white area. Propagating around those shades makes this isle enlarges the complete room seem to be bigger and, in once.

An isle like this will own action going on all around it. Whilst not producing a barrier the light must do its work. The pendants ought to be large enough therefore that individuals can view each other, but no-so large that these sam-e individuals are blinded by lamp glare in the event you are lighting a location that folks will stand about.

Harrell Re-Modeling, Inc.

In an attempt of colour, three pendants bring in this kitchen and set up the reddish-toned spot on the isle cabinetry. Long pendants such as these may be hung a tiny greater than another shapes.

Here’s the best way to discover how large to to hold your pendants (you will require three individuals, but it really is worth it): Before installing your pendants, have oneperson climb a ladder and contain the the mild fixture in what resembles an excellent place. Have the space is measured by a second-person from your underparts of the the pendant to the ground. The thirdperson career will be to determine which height functions best. Remember which you are interested in getting the pendant low enough to conceal the glare of a lightbulb but enough so the pendant does not act as a barrier. No fixture and no area is going to have precisely the same spot. Document it when you locate yours.

Do there is a pendant mild achievement tale or suggestion?