9 Lights With Origami Allure

They’re sculptural, they’re tasteful and they’re beautiful. I’ve noticed these origami-inspired lights popping up around the place lately, and I think that they are here to remain. Like a number of the modern icons of the 20th century (think Nelson lights), they have a classic simplicity. And many of them are much, much easier on the wallet than conventional designer lighting.

Have a look at these 9 great examples.

FORMA Design

The Big Bang from Foscarini has that complex simplicity of a piece of origami.

I simply added this folded paper lamp from Serena & Lilly into my den. It has changed the whole atmosphere for the better.

Origami Paper Pendants Oval – $68

These simple, pleated lamps come in 3 distinct, modern contours.

Holly Marder

A bunch of origami cranes make a royal and spectacular light. It’s a piece of artwork lit from within.

CWB Architects

Another very simple barrel pendant with the texture of folds and pleats.

Emily Chalmers | Caravan Style Ltd..

Folds and the sharp creases in this metal world pendant give an feel to it.

Uribe Studio Inc..

A bunch of blossom lighting that are bright. I think that they may be porcelain, but I can’t tell. Does anyone recognize them?


Chestnut Paper Origami Lampshade by Studio Snowpuppe – EUR 89

I adore this matte gray folded light. It’s serious, elegant and affordable.


Jaycie Origami Lampshade, White, by Jaycieydesigns – $68

Modern and crisp.


Moth Origami Lampshade by Studio Snowpuppe – EUR 59

Perfect for a modern nursery. Or for almost any room in the house, for that matter.

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