Cuddly Nooks for Each Space

You will wish you had a large, grand home, however still crave a small nook — a location where you can tuck yourself away to examine, reflect or just relax. Houzz contributors have come up with many ways to create just such private getaways by changing a deep cupboard, using space under the stairs, providing a corner, making a lofty window seat, plus much more. Could one of these ideas work for you?

Ana Williamson Architect

An alcove way up high. Who says window seats have to be chair-level? Climbing a short ladder up for this fun window chair separates you from everyone and everywhere else. I would feel like a little bird perched in my nest.

Susan Jay Design

Convert a profound cupboard into a hideaway space. In case you don’t require the cupboard in a house office or guest bedroom, turn it into a sitting room. Take off the doors and add built-in drawers across the base of the cupboard to create a bed-height bench and provide more storage. Install great overhead lighting and shelves for books, then paint the interior and trim into a warm colour. Throw pillows that encourage friends and family to sit, read and relax finish off the space.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Close off one end of a space with a drape. There is no need to put in a physical wall to create another space. A drape works just as well, and an added bonus is the warm cozy feel that all of the fabric creates when it’s pulled shut. Place a seat, chaisewindow or window bench behind the curtain and relax.

To get this look, use a ceiling pole bracket from Country Curtains with a 3/4″ pole, add rings and hang a curtain or drapes.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Carve out space under a stairwell. Many times that this area is wasted area or relegated to storage, but a upholstered bench and lots of soft pillows turn it in the perfect nook.

A light shade palette retains a possibly dark little space bright and airy. Retain some of their storage capacity with built-in drawers underneath for storing extra blankets and blankets.

PLACE architect ltd..

Utilize furniture layout to create a corner that is floating. Start with a focal point, such as a fireplace or fireplace of bookcases. Place two comfy chairs in front to create an L-shape. Finish by adding a rug under the chairs. This physically separates the space although there aren’t any walls.

Red Element Style Studio

Place two wingback chairs facing each other under a window or against a wall to create a cozy conversation area. This works because when you’re seated, you’re looking at the individual at the seat facing you, not in the space around you. An ottoman or table between the chairs is both practical and helps enhance the look.

Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC

Do you have a double-door cupboard on your upstairs hall? Turn it into a reading area. Attic areas and open hallways also work well as small library spaces.


Duncan Antiqued Bronze Wall Sconce – $179

Nooks desire a light source. If the nook is built into a wall or is otherwise quite tight, you might not have space for a floor lamp. Go for a wall sconce instead. If you can not hardwire into your nook, try a plug like this antiqued sconce from Crate and Barrel.


Use knee walls (half walls) to divide a little library nook at a bigger area. Surround the area with shelves filled with books and display items, then make it cozy with a rug and comfy chairs.

Use lighting to highlight a cozy spot. Adding a floor lamp right behind or next to a seat in a corner illuminates only that small space and turns into another area within the bigger room.


Arteriors Circles Floor Lamp – $715.90

This is a superb alternative for a floor lamp. Not only is it amazing and unusual, but its own three-way switch allows you alter the ambiance at the space by controlling the amount of light it sets out.


Create a kitchen nook. Are you in the kitchen a lot? In case you have space, add a couple of upholstered chairs and a small round dining table to remind one to take a seat and relax for an instant.

Craig Denis

Attempt an angled chaise in an empty corner. Place it so that it does not jut out into the space, but instead touches the adjacent walls. The small triangular space behind the chaise is just large enough to fit a table and lamp.


Separate a seating area in your bedroom. Simply turn your chairs off from the rest of the room. They could look from the window or toward a wall of bookcases.

Pilar Calleja – Draw The Line Style

Pull back in the dialogue. If your furniture is centered in the room, pull an upholstered seat back in a corner away from the principal chairs. Add a table and lamp, and you’ve got a little reading nook.

Dwell Design Studio

The ultimate private corner . This timeless design is the very definition of a”corner” The built-in benches with their large sides facing the space include solitude, but the small space does not feel dim or overly enclosed. Wish I had a place in my house for this!

Do you have a special reading nook in your home? Share a photo below!

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