A Place on the Water: 4 Inspiring Designs

Living near water has an undeniable allure. Be it a river, lake, or even an sea, bodies of water supply relaxation, a unique vista, and the opportunity for diversion. This ideabook rounds up a few homes next to waterways, considering how they address the gloomy backyards. These examples move closer and closer into the water, until we’re in fact sitting atop it.

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Robert Young Architects

1. Lake Guest House on Long Island. This house designed by Robert Young Architects is a rather traditional layout for the area, but it will include some modern touches that are crucial to the way it is related to the water.

Robert Young Architects

The Lake Guest House could be put back a little piece from the water’s edge, however it focuses on the water through big porch along with the sliding glass wall that joins inside and outside.

Robert Young Architects

A closer view at the Lake Guest House shows how those perspectives of this water are visible from within in addition to the porch. When you slide open the glass walls, the new smell of this water comes indoors. Note the reflection of the water on the glass walls.

See the main house

Bosworth Hoedemaker

2. Hood Canal Boathouse at Washington State. The boathouse’s water vista is magnificent. Since the doors are strong, having them slide open is essential for taking advantage of this view.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

This small building is situated next to the water’s edge for good reason: it’s a 1950s boathouse that was reconfigured as a place to entertain guests and to store ships. Designed by Bosworth Hoedemaker, the Hood Canal Boathouse is indicated by 2 sets of sliding doors on either side.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

This straight-on view of this boathouse illustrates exactly how spacious the space indoors is.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Stepping inside the boathouse, we may see the addition of storage and accessibility to the loft above. The space is open and flexible, allowing it to be utilized for a variety of things waterside.

3. Oval Boatdock at Austin. The Shore Vista Oval Waterfall Boatdock by Bercy Chen Studio is a two-story elliptical building across in the nature preserve on Lake Austin. This situation led to the shape that takes in expansive views of the water and beyond.

The lower level serves as the boat dock, but upstairs is an enclosed space and whirlpool bathtub.

The glass railings make sure that perspectives of the green and blue aren’t compromised.

The top-floor space adds some comfort with chairs, tables, plus a wonderful huge fan.

4. Modern Houseboat in Vancouver. Heading around Vancouver, Canada, Coal Harbour is home to a number of Floating Homes.

Here we zoom in on the modern-looking one that is two floors with a roof deck over. Each floor features sliding glass doors and more outdoor space for using this location.

In the top roof deck, the allure of water living — at least for this smiling man — are quite apparent.

See more of this modern houseboat

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Browse 250K+ house design photos

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Houzz Tour: A Cheerful Beach House for Every Season

Seaview, Wash. gets a mean of 82 inches of rain per year, therefore inner designer Garrison Hullinger’s shore house is a pleasant refuge from the all-too-predictable Northwest weather. Using the natural colors of his environment as inspiration, Hullinger played a palette of nature-inspired tones and infused it with splashes of welcome color. “I knew I needed to have soothing colors across the main portion of the home,” Hullinger states. “But I wanted a few color pops that could spur, without feeling overly literal for a shore home.”

This cheerful palette, when combined with unique product that showcases natural substances, helps create a perfect weekend getaway — rain or shine.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Hullinger and quite substances stuck together in his shore house. Wood grain, natural textiles, and soft colors exist in every room. He left the piled wood back wall in this living space by hand; it is shaped entirely from salvaged materials located on site in the remodel and other projects in the area.

Table: CB2 Teepee Table
Chairs: Eames Molded Plastic Armchair
Side tables: West Elm

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

“I think the very first thought someone has as they stroll through the front door is hotel luxe,” Hullinger states. “It is casual. The dark bamboo floor helps ground the area, and hides a multitude of dirt, sand, and hair.”

Console: Wisteria
Lamp: Barbara Cosgrove
Mirror: West Elm

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

The living room and family room have an extremely neutral palette, which is inspired by colors you’d find collecting seashells and driftwood. Materials in the thick seagrass rug, to the sea blue pillows create a soothing, beachy vibe.

Rug: Overstock.com
Floor lamp: Am-Living
Sectional: custom design by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Hullinger chose a gentle white trim throughout, realizing it would work perfectly with Seaview’s often-cloudy and muted light. “I also kept the furniture backs low in this space, so you can sit anywhere in the space and revel in the expansive views out the windows,” he states.

Lean color: Benjamin Moore’s Winter Wheat
Coffee Table: Oly Studios
Side Table: Wisteria
Tripod Lamp: AM Living Surveyors Lamp
Art: Robin Denevan

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

The fireplace is a particular source of gratification. When he bought the home, the fireplace was a old yellow brick with mauve-tinted mortar. He switched all that out for a simple and modern ceramic tile on the bottom half, although the top half is hand-sanded easy plaster.

Tile: NuTravertine by Cronin Tile

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

One of the only bright colors in the home is a brilliant turquoise wall that extends out of the dining room into the kitchen.

Interior color: Benjamin Moore’s Juneau Spring
Table: CB2 Darjeeling Dining Table
Barstools: CB2 Contact Stool
Bar: Hudson Goods
Lamp: Barbara Cosgrove
Mirror: Katayma Framing

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Hullinger kept a mix of metallic tones at the home’s fixtures. Bronze and glistening chrome include a luxe feel, but are simple to clean and maintain. “I needed everything to be cozy,” he states, “with substances that could hold around weekend guests and our rescued greyhounds.”

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

The present cabinetry was sanded down and repainted with a grey paint at a satin finish. White and grey granite blends the cabinetry with all the ceramic backsplash, while classic metal fixtures round out the appearance.

Cabinetry: Painted with Fine Paints of Europe
Flooring: Porcelain tile
Countertop: Madam White Granite

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

In the master bedroom, Hullinger exposed a 100-year-old tongue-and-groove plank wood wall, revealing the home’s natural beauty. As a result of this wall’s bold statement, the furniture in the room is kept simple — the bed has no headboard, along with the reddish side tables are clean and minimal.

Table lamps: Kovacs

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

A guest bedroom plays from this beachy turquoise wall in the dining room and kitchen. Customized bedding made by Hullinger gives the space a lively feel, while smoky glass table lamps evoke the appearance of foggy sea glass.

Table lamps: West Elm Gourd Table Lamp
Mattress framework: habit by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design
Bedding: custom made

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

“It was so much fun designing a distance where I was the true customer,” Hullinger states. “I needed to make sure that the home had all the conveniences of home along with a couple more.” For the floors, ceramic tile made to look like cut — came out of a tile firm.

Floors: NuTravertine by Cronin Tile
Backsplash: Basalt Linear Mosaic by Cronin Tile

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Finely carved basalt tile echoes the appearance of Seaview’s persistently wet weather. “I needed to design a luxurious shower that you wouldn’t wish to step out of,” states Hullinger. Hullinger’s use of soothing color tones and high quality materials generates a really high-end space.

Shower tile: Basalt Autumn Rain Basalt Tile by Cronin Tile

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Design Details: How to Show Off Your Curves

1 thing I heard from Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian is that curves, when completely embraced, are a fantastic thing. Now you are all like,”Whatchutawkinbout, Willis? Houzz is a decorating and design website, not celeb gossip central.” Well, my point is that curved partitions, while catchy to use, can do good things for a space depending on how they’re addressed. From a cliffside modern to some Malibu Mediterranean, here are some voluptuously vernacular examples of how to operate with curved partitions.

Winn Wittman Architecture

The first thing I think of when I visit architectural features like curved walls is”How the hell do I hang artwork or drapes on a curve?” Costly, custom made hardware is pretty much always going to come into play, but choosing the appropriate draperies is not so tough. Contemplate ripple-fold panels rather than conventional pleats. The overall look is much more tailored and matches beautifully with all the contemporary, unfussy look of floor-to-ceiling glass. Here’s a great illustration from The Shade Store.

On the reverse side, if you have got grand, curvy, floor-to-ceiling exterior glass walls, then it is likely they’re meant to capitalize on a perspective like this house by Fulcrum Structural Engineering. Dressing these windows could have been a crime. Unless the homeowner detests the stunning, multimillion dollar perspective.

Mark English Architects, AIA

How to dress a curved wall with framed bits? Turn the entire thing into a work of art by covering it with something interesting. A concrete look like this may be accomplished with decorative paint and/or skimming the wall with plaster. Or, for decorating a curvy design on a dime, stick together with painters’ tape and a couple of gallons of latex, and also proceed with alternating, arbitrary, vertical stripes.

Mark English Architects, AIA

When it comes to corridors, halls and stairwells, curved walls pose no challenges at all. In reality, they just act as eye candy adorned with nifty, safety-focused hand railings.

Again, the curvy stairwell, another fantastic chance to turn dead space to some focal point; stacked stone is often the best idea since its setup works nicely with curves.

Curves on outside, load-bearing partitions: the perfect situation where everyone wins. Modern architecture lends itself into curvy, conduit-like situations. The glass needs not be addressed window treatments as it is only employed as a means to bridge the gap between the indoors and the outdoors.

If your house’s curve is too extreme to adapt a salon-style gallery, work the area because its large part of artwork. A cost-effective means to do that is using a prefab wall mural. You can find an awesome, uber-affordable world map mural at Amazon.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Here is a good example of how multiple framed bits hung close to one another work nicely in hiding the fact that they’re hiding a curve.

Another alternative: Invest in an artwork hanging system made for curved partitions.

Peregrine Design Build

If you have the dollars, a curved wall constructed can make any displayed object 10 times cooler. The geometry involved is pretty much all precision-based; labour costs can easily rival that of a used sports car.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

A curved kitchenarchitecturally astounding. With the right cabinet maker, a curved cabinet-and-counter setup can make the lines of a kitchen as delicious as the food it cooks up.

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Houzz Tour: A Hollywood Writer’s Hillside Studio

While working on the primary residence of a Hollywood actor, author, and producer, Los Angeles architects John Bertram and Eliot Mitchell have been requested to work on another exceptional building at the rear of the property. Located on a beautiful lot supporting Los Angeles’s Griffith Park, the customer wanted to make use of a steep hillside and build a studio for him to write in. The original vision was a crude, rustic cabin — something with a teahouse feel. However, because the design developed, the writer’s studio become a studio and guest house, and also the aesthetic changed considerably.

Due to the epic view, the customer originally wanted to make use of the scenery and install a wall made completely out of windows. That wasn’t the best choice in terms of performance, so Bertram and Mitchell opted to construct a exceptional corner window unit which took advantage of the beautiful view. The result is a construction which uses the perspective because of its inspiration and blends with its environment. The 300-square- foot studio is warm, natural and simply furnished — the ideal escape that is likely to force the customer out of any bouts of writer’s block.

Bertram Architects

The architects had originally done a complete remodel on the customer’s house just down the mountain in the studio. Throughout the renovation process, the customer told Bertram and Mitchell that he really wanted to construct a tiny studio/guest home on the hillside behind his home. A contemporary appearance was a necessity, but Bertram and Mitchell also wanted to give the studio a warm, cabin-like vibe which melded together with the landscape.

Bertram Architects

The studio features an amazing view from three of its four sides. The customer as well as the architects knew that sliding windows which pocket fully into the construction were a must. Mitchell and Bertram wanted to be certain that you use the perspective in a practical and efficient manner, which explains why there is no corner place in this window.

Bertram Architects

“It’s always sort of interesting when an architect needs to convince a customer that a wall of glass might not be the best decision,” says Mitchell. “Even though you don’t need to block any part of the beautiful view, sometimes it’s simply not practical.” Since the construction is an office most of the time, and can be in extremely sunny Los Angeles, having an whole glass facade would have allowed in a lot of light during the day, making it unbearably hot inside.

Bertram Architects

The facade and deck of the studio are produced from Ipe wood, which can be both lasting and fire-resistant — a huge advantage for someone living in fire state.

In one of the chief designs for the studio, the customer wanted the deck to go all of the way around the studio. “It turned into a bit smaller, and then a bit larger,” laughs Mitchell. “Finally, we adjusted it to what it has become, which I think is ideal for the space”

The steep hillside turned into a fairly major challenge. “It was hard to simply receive all the stuff on the website and work on the building due to the steepness and height of the mountain,” says Mitchell. “We needed to really build a strong foundation, which took a while.”

Bertram Architects

Regions of the foundationhad to be hand dug deep into the hill’s bedrock. “It’s just the type of thing which comes with using a home in the Los Angeles hills,” says Mitchell. “You’ve got to realize there’s going to be a lot of foundation work.”

Stone steps (just barely visible in this photograph ) lead up from the principal home to the home on the mountain, and steps made of Ipe travel from a stone landing to the studio’s deck. The desert-like landscaping, designed by Elysian Landscapes, adds to the warmth of their studio and its environment.

Bertram Architects

Teak built-ins and a simple twin bed transform this studio right into a guest home — or somewhere to have a rest if writer’s block strikes. The teak built-in bed and shelving not only adds to the studio’s streamlined aesthetic, but in addition, it functions as a type of earthquake security (another dilemma which comes with living in Southern California). With everything assembled into the walls , there’s no possibility of ruined property or injured individuals after a critical tremor. “Earthquake security is pretty inherent once you’re working in LA,” says Mitchell. “Structural codes demand it, as well as the deep foundation of the studio and the impact wall on the trunk really serve as preventative steps.”

Bertram Architects

A very contemporary half-bath can help to round out this studio because a possible guest home. Bertram and Mitchell used a Duravit Starck two Toilet, and fixtures from Vola. A neon orange panel livens up the toilet with a surprising splash of colour.

Bertram Architects

Zoning laws dictated that the studio couldn’t have a complete bath, so Bertram and Mitchell resisted the indoor half-bath with an outdoor bathtub from Boffi. The secluded nature of the studio and its own exterior deck, together with the balmy weather of Los Angeles, made an outdoor shower a natural match.

Bertram Architects

For the outside, Bertram and Mitchell tried something fresh and installed a rain screen method. The outer facade includes a 1/4-inch space between each plank, making it permeable. The Ipe wood will expand and contract together with the fluctuations in weather and dampness, so the boards were placed on a clip system which allows them to move. The air circulation makes for a much healthier wood and aids the building stay cooler.

Bertram Architects

Besides working with the website’s incline of the website, the corner window unit was the key challenge. Due to its delicate structure, everything had to be perfect. The framework on the outside of the window is made of aluminum, and has a gutter underneath to capture any runoff water from the window. The interior includes a teak frame with a roll-down colour and light on the lip above the desk. “It was a really careful structure,” says Mitchell. “It involved a great deal of work, and a great deal of assistance in the builders and the contractors. The collaboration on that aspect was fantastic.”

Bertram Architects

The sliding structure of the window allows it to start completely, together with the glass sliding into a pocket within the building itself. “This window is one of these classic, contemporary details that looks really straightforward, but is incredibly complicated,” says Mitchell. “We needed to go back and forth with the builder on the how-to for quite a while.”

Bertram Architects

The construction of the window and built in desk is meant to allow the view to continue on into the room and become a fixture at the studio. “People have a tendency to gravitate towards views like this,” says Mitchell. “Whether it’s a body of water or a mountain range, looking at something amazing like that becomes a source of inspiration and quietude.”

Throughout construction, a great deal of things were flipped, and whole concepts were scrapped. “It was really a fantastic luxury,” explains Mitchell. “It’s great to truly be able to suss it out together with the customer. You don’t always have the time or capability to figure out all the details, redesign and make it work.”

Bertram Architects

The teak built-ins, shown here prior to the customer moved in, were designed to blend in the rest of the interior simply, smoothly, and efficiently. In the beginning, the customer wanted to possess the studio accomplished in a wealthy American black walnut, since that is what he has in his principal residence. Eventually he and the architects decided this studio ought to be done at a really different tone from the main home, taking the project in another direction entirely.

Bertram Architects

A conscientious design, an ability to be flexible, plus a smooth transition between the indoors and outside all combined to create a structure that is beautiful, powerful, and efficient. “Seeing the distance come together and emerge successfully at the end is always the best part,” says Mitchell. “All the parties involved in this collaboration were really uplifting. And the customer uses this studio all the time — that can be incredibly satisfying.”

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40 Stylish Gifts for Modern Men

With this gift guide, we thought outside the man-cave stereotype to deliver you thoughts for the complex, modern gentleman with an eye for detail. Then we snapped in goodies for several sides of his personality: a little fraternity/men’s club member, a dab of Darth Vader, a little surfer dude, a dollop of science nerd, a tbsp of sports fanatic, a sign of handyman, a pinch of outdoorsy guy. . .you get the picture. We’ve got a little something for each and every man.

We would love your very best idea for gifts for men, too. Add a link to the perfect gift for men in the remarks section below and tell us why you believe he will love it.

Design Within Reach

Eames Hang-It-All Limited Edition – $249

What modernist can’t resist a piece of Eames? This pair of hooks also comes in a range of bright colors, but I love this more manly edition. It will only be in production for a month or two, so catch it while you can!

Welded steel frame with black powder coating; strong walnut balls
H 14.75″ W 19.75″ D 6.5″


Blomus 65198 VUELO Wall-mounted magazine Rack – $106.55

I really don’t want to earn a huge generalization about men, but about 90 percent of those I know may use one of these sleek magazine racks instead of an alternative to a pile of magazines on the back of the commode.

Stainless Steel Overall
3.51″ H x 13.65″ W x 13.65″ D


MUJI Cardboard Speakers – $38

These very simple cardboard speakers are amazing in their simplicity. They can add big tunes to your workspace without all any unsightly stereo jumble.

Can be plugged them into your private stereo’s headphone jack
made from cardboard and digital components
Size: 3.1 x 3.3 x 3.1″
Maximum input power 2W

The New York Times Store

Painters On The Brooklyn Bridge from The New York Times Archives – $199

Obviously, choosing a photograph for someone is quite private, but the choice in nytstore.com has unlimited possibilities. They have a section called Fifty Pictures in which five of the top interior designers possess curated ten of the own favorite shots. I will connect you to the one displayed above, but make sure you shop around to find the best picture for the loved one as soon as you land in the store.

Exhibition Quality Fine Art Print
Printed On Archival Paper
Your Own Choice Of Frame And Mat
11″ x 14″ Unframed – $199.00 (there are bigger sizes and framing options available)


“Rules for My Unborn Son” by Walker Lamond – $11.99

Houzz Contributor and blogger at Straightforward Classic Living Jonathan Baker states”This thoughtful book of simple rules, classic quotes and endearing illustrations is a perfect addition to any classic guy’s library. A sort of modern day gentleman guide for the attention-span creation, it has unique color, size and entertaining tidbits ensure it is perfect to display in almost any room in the home. Place it out and see that your guests attractively lose themselves for a moment or two. Then ask where you have it.”



Quartz Coaster – $18

You do not need to be a geology buff to appreciate these magnificent quartz coasters. Each is unique and so interesting that you might NOT want anyone to cover this up with a martini glass!

Made from polished agate
each is exceptional
each varies in size, shape & colour
$18.00 each

Ralph Lauren

Sagamore Buffalo Check Blanket – $150

This classic black and red throw adds color and warmth to a bedroom or room. Assist your favourite guy keep warm when the pre-programmable thermostat is stuck onto some energy-saving temperature.

Finished with a 4″ rolled fringe.
54″ x 72″
80% alpaca, 15% wool, 5% cotton. Dry clean. Imported.

West Elm

Classic Radio – $69

How far MP3 speakers have come! This sleek and stylish classic modern radio is a beautiful and practical object.

Wood with hand-rubbed complete.
AroundSound® technologies provides a clean, consistent surround-sound effect.
Mobile audio ready: Plugs to an iPod® or any portable audio device or MP3 player.
AM/FM radio with analog tuner, orange LED tuning indicator and 5:1 ratio tuning dial.
Includes auxiliary output and input signal.
Headphone jack.
External antenna.
3″ studio driver.
7.5″w x 5.75″d x 5.25″h.


Whiskey Stones, Set of 9 – $20

For your die-hard Scotch fans: These”rocks” do not melt, so they keep things cool AND”neat”, i.e. they’ll cool a drink without watering it down.

Soapstone Cubes will chill but Won’t scratch the glass
$19.50 for a set of 9


Tovolo King Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray – $8.50

Houzz Contributor and blogger at Straightforward Classic Living Jonathan Baker states”Anyone can buy a highbrow wine opener or unique barware, but this kind of understated intentionality is bound to have a memorable effect on party guests. So if you’re hosting in-the-know mixology heads or just regular ol’ drinkers that never knew ice could be presented in such a tasteful way… this is the way a cocktail ought to be served”

Tray makes six oversized cubes

1worldglobes. com

Black & White Globe with Base – $39.90

You really cannot beat the look of a timeless world in a library or study. What is so great about this one is that the images are magnificent, and you are able to choose from a black or ivory world, in addition to from an assortment of bases and add a rack if needed.

Diameter: 7″ Base: 4.25″ x 0.5″
3-leg stand: 4.75″ x 6″

Sundance Catalog

‘The Soldier’ Swiss Army Knife – $38

This is the first Swiss Army knife. Whether your man is a survivalist or bottled beer agency, the only place this will not come in handy would be at airport security.

Includes a large stainless-steel , two screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, wire stripper and reamer
The slender, aluminum-oxide case is textured for no-slip grip
4-1/2″ extended

L.L. Bean

No bag bag in the history of bag luggage is as indestructible as a bag from Bean’s. This camouflage version is perfectly on fashion using present military chic design for both men and women, and can be used around the home to store magazines, logs, or other things.

1,200-denier polyester stands up to rugged use
Water-resistant, thermoplastic interior coating keeps gear dry
Large: 33/4″H x 16″W x 81/4″D.
Large $24.00 (comes in Medium and Extra Large)

L.L. Bean

Flannel Bedding Mix and Match

Nothing beats on flannel sheets on a cold winter night. The ticking stripe design is a classic that won’t ever go out of style (it is really enjoyable to experiment with the little mix and match tool at llbean.com also!) .

100% Cotton
Costs vary depending on size and item.

The Business Store

Recycled Beer Bottle TeaLight Holder – $20.99

Sometimes dudes want to be stylish hosts without appearing like they have tried too hard. These candleholders are made from recycled beer bottles. Tealights aren’t contained, so catch a large bag of them at IKEA to go with this.

Dimensions: 11H x 2.75D.
Color: antiqued mercury

Urban Outfitters

Darth Vader Alarm Clock – $42

Nerd Alert? No Way! What guy wouldn’t want this hilarious Darth Vader Alarm Clock? It’s amusing to wake around, or to use as a conversation piece from the den — that clock might just make him want to head over to the dark side. Use the force!

Plugs in or requires a 9 volt battery, not included
6.75″w, 7″d, 7″h


Star Wars™ Sandwich Cutters with Vintage-Style Tin – $19.95

I’ll confess, making Millennium Falcon-shaped sandwiches is really kind of absurd, but the old-school lunchbox these cutters come in is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Any Star Wars fan will adore this, trust me!

Millennium Falcon Sandwich cutters: 4 1/4″ x 3 1/2″.
Tie Starfighter Sandwich cutters: 4 1/2″ x 3 3/4″.
Classic style tin: 7 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ x 6 1/2″ high.

In exquisite wood grain this toolbox is much more fit to serve as a fashionable and unexpected organizer at the office. Fortunately, in addition, it comes from classic orange and a camo print from the metallic versions, just if your giftee wishes to bang this up with real tools!

Size – 19″ L x 6.5″ H x 6″ D

I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve attempted to hang something together with nails and screws held in my mouth. Help your man avoid a tetanus shot upgrade with this handy magnetic wristband!

Velcro strap can adapt even the thickest of wrists. Available in Periwinkle Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, and Black (not shown).
Magnetic place is 3 inches x 4 inches square; 3/4 of an inch deep.

Design Public

Harry Allen Pig Bank – Matte Black – $95

This little piggy bank functions as a place to corral loose change and as a distinctive little sculpture onto a desktop, tablescape or bookshelf.

Resin and marble. Cork stopper.
10.0 H x 5.25 W x 18.0 L

Saks Fifth Avenue

Wolf Designs Chess/Backgammon Establish – $70

Really, a refined gentlemen ought to always have the gear, if not the skills, such as a game of backgammon and chess in his bag of tricks. This beautiful set is one that will move with him wherever he winds up for the remainder of his life.

Comprises every piece to get a game of chess or backgammon including bits, dice, dice cups plus a reversible chess/checkerboard lid.
Also includes a deck of cards and cribbage
Leather case
12″L X 12″W X 2″H

Tonic Home

Regina Andrew Silver Metal Skull – $125

Evidently, this giftee is quite specific – a metallic skull doesn’t necessarily go over well with everyone. But Cousin Itt, your goth friend, or Simon and Alex from Real Housewives of NYC would adore this, and it is certainly a conversation starter!

Dimension: 8.5″ high x 5″ deep x 5.25″ broad

Urban Outfitters

We’ve never gotten more negative remarks in an ideabook compared to one once printed on taxidermy, so I am definitely sticking with ironic artificial monster heads from now on! This modern white non-hunting decoration is a means to provide a wink to more traditional libraries and dens without upsetting animal lovers.



Atlas Bookends – $150

These Atlas bookends aren’t shrugging. These Greek Gods are great for adding interest to a bookshelf arrangement.

Made from cast iron with a silver finish.
Color: silver
Size: H: 8.25″ D: 7″ W: 2″


Surfing Pictures from the Seventies Taken by Jeff Divine – $40

As a teenager, Jeff Divine started taking pictures of customers in the 1960s, and his very best shots are gathered here. This is a great coffee table book for anybody who appreciates surfing and the ocean. Oh, and also the seventies!


The Conran Shop

Maserati model desk racer – $95

This sweet little Maserati model will possess him catchinging himself rolling it across the desk and creating”ZOOM ZOOM” noises. It’s also the perfect piece for a manly, David Hicksian tablescape.

Produced from recycled aluminum
Hand polished and cast. Contains a checkered flag.


Library Embosser – $26

This library embosser is a superb way to personalize a gift for a bibliophile. If you know someone who keeps installing more shelves for books and that makes you sign away your firstborn when you borrow a book, this is the perfect present for him!

Up to 18 characters/spaces
Embosser plate size is 1.625″Dia.

Fred Flare

Crosley USB tech turntable – $129

As time goes by, fewer people really remember using a turntable that resembled this one (only rather than an iPod connection, it had a slot to get 8-track tapes).

Can plug into an external device like an
iPod, MP3 player, and CD Unit.
May also record all your vinyl for instant playback via an SD or USB media
Can play all 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records as well as
all 7″, 10″, & 12″ records.

Design Within Reach

Rosle Universal Lighter – $19

Enough with searching for a box of matches in vain, burnt fingers, and the tacky plastic extended lighters. This sleek stainless-steel lighter has a hook so that your giftee will always have the ability to detect it when the grill, gas fireplace, or candles require a light.

Stainless steel
H 11″ W.75″
$19.00 (available as we go to press; subject to change)


Savoy Ice Bucket-Cooler – $24.95

Sleek. Modern. Hammered Stainless Steel. The Savoy Bar Accessories were created for modernists. If your favourite dude is still serving ice from an old cooler, do him a big favor and pick up this ice bucket to get him.

Polished stainless steel

Ralph Lauren

Cocktail Party Decanter – $120

Conjuring up guys’s gifts brings up pictures of attempting to convert one from frat house design into a Albert Hadley-esque library, complete with pipe smoke, distressed leather club chairs, and shades of brown alcohol in fancy decanters. If this manly den sounds like something your favourite man would hope to have, get him started with this Ralph Lauren leaded crystal decanter.

Etched barrel silhouette with coordinating faceted stopper.
Sweeping neck with graceful turned-out lip.
Capacity: 28 oz. 8″ tall. Imported.
This item is 24% lead crystal.

The Home Depot

Mr. Bar-B-Q 30 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set – $69

You know how he’s: The Grillmaster. He fusses over the campfire, the grill, the Big Green Egg, also does not let anybody else within ten feet of it. He’s a know-it-all and is not listening when you provide him barbeque-related advice. This kind of guy won’t ever have enough BBQ accoutrements; you might as well gift him that the THIRTY piece BBQ Tool Set!

Strong stainless steel instruments: beef house knives, 4-in-1 spatula, fork, tongs, basting brush, knife, skewers, corn holders, grill brush and replaceable heads
Aluminum carry case
Lifetime warranty


Thomas O’Brien® Carbonized Bamboo Wastebasket – $19.99

This beautiful Thomas O’Brien wastebasket seems like it cost a hundred dollars, but it is actually more like twenty. The bamboo wood and clean lines make it perfect to get a clean-lined, organized home office or zen, spa-like bathroom.

Carbonized Bamboo
Dimensions not recorded on Target.com

Sundance Catalog

Major League Baseball Bat Bottle Opener – $85

We are not attempting to stereotype and say that most men love beer and baseball, but plenty of them do, and you know who they are. What is so special about this opener is that it is made of wood from bats that broke while being used during Major League ballgames. Each one is authenticated and has a hologram numeral that defines the bat’s match.



Cortelco ITT 2500 80’s Corded Touchtone Telephone – $49.95

It’s happened. Let me be the first to delcare that this phone is SO out that it is back in. Great for your giftee with fond memories of the eighties and a sense of irony. If say, this person thoroughly appreciated”Hot Tub Time Machine”, this phone is because of him. Oh, by the way, this really is a new phone based on the old layout, it is NOT refurbished.

Touch Tone dial
Genuine Bell Ringer
Ringer volume control
Volume Control Dial within Handset
Hearing aid compatible
9′ Handset Cord
Made with Pride in the United States
5 Year manufacturer’s guarantee

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Jaguar Needlepoint Pillow at Needlepoint Pillows – $165

There’s something about a timeless Jaguar that’s positively shagadelic! I love that Jonathan Adler has memorialized a single. . .on a cushion. . .in. . .needlepoint?!?! Why not?

Handmade 100% wool needlepoint
velvet backed
12″ x 16″
down stuffer comprised


Conant Custom Brass T-6 Dial Thermometer – $36.95

Call me old fashioned, but there is something interesting about looking out the window in a great looking toaster rather of your Smartphone to discover the temperature. The timeless design and numerals with this thermometer make it a great choice.

Strong brass and convex glass
Shiny, wash, brass finish which will acquire a wonderful patina of a soft brown color, with age
Height 4-3/4″ x Length 1-1/4″ x Width 6-1/4″ (4-1/4″ diameter dial)


Personalized Leather Travel Valet Tray – $45

As a result of Houzz user and quite dapper Atlanta gentleman jefland for introducing me to skillet! This leather valet tray is your ideal method to corral those things that men tend to casually toss along with dressers and nightstands. It packs flat for traveling so that he can keep everything together in 1 spot. Pick up to 3 letters to get a monogram to personalize the gift.

Sides prevent valuables from rolling off the tray. Hand-crafted real top-grain Nappa leather
Monogram around three initials.
7 7/8″l x 7 7/8″w x 2/16″h.

West Elm

Industrial Task Table Lamp – $79

You know the guy whose whole home is lit by the ugly ceiling lights that came with the location, and maybe some ugly torchiere fire hazard lamp from the mid-nineties? That guy needs this classic task lamp that’s fantastic for a desk, workshop, side table or nightstand.

Iron with polished nickel finish.
Adjustable arm locks in two angles.
Head has tension swivel to direct light where it is needed most.
Protective pad in bottom of base protects from scratching surfaces.
7″diam. x 33″h.
60W bulb (not included)

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Houzz Tour: Eclectic and Colorful at Colorado

The most comfortable homes are. Even the most extreme fans of minimalism can admit it’s difficult to imagine that a cozy night in whenever your living room is a pristine airplane of white and black. In this Cherry Hills Village, Colorado house, designer Andrea Schumacher decided to focus her layout on her clients’ collection of antiques and art. “It turned into a really great mix of old meets new,” Schumacher says. “There’s colorful art, elegant antiques, and accessories that are complex”

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Schumacher worked with the architects to utilize materials and styles that could blend with the interior layout. “The clients love that eclectic, traveled appearance,” says Schumacher. “Since many of the pieces in the house were their very own, it already had that almost-Old-World appearance.”

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

The living room color palette was based on the blue, blue, orange and green hues of the custom drapery. After falling in love with the fabric, Schumacher and her customer made a decision to base the remainder of the living room around this natural looking cloth.

Two couches and many armchairs give ample seating for your family members and guests. Since living room is so big, finding a coffee table that would marry the space with the couches and armchairs was a challenge. In the last minute, they found a large enough table out of a luxury furniture store in New York.

Coffee table: Moura Starr
Drapes: Hot House Flowers by Celerie Kemble in F. Schumacher
White Couch: Moura Starr
Blue Couch: Kravet Sofa, upholstered in F. Schumacher Cotton Club Velvet

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

A gold grasscloth wall treatment echoes the natural textiles through the living space.

Wall treatment: Grasscloth out of F. Schumacher
Ottoman: upholstered in velvet from F. Schumacher
Chandelier: Gray Blown Glass Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Schumacher wanted the layout to focus on the homeowners’ antique furniture and artwork collection. Inside this pub and lounge area next to the entryway, she created a welcoming space for guests using a customized bar and beautifully worn leather sofa.

Custom pub: Sergey Antique Reproductions
Rug: Shaver-Ramsey

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Though its design is bold, the dining room is actually an extremely informal space. Schumacher and her clients purposely designed this distance as a location where the family can just hang out, without being holed up inside their own rooms.

Schumacher Lay a bench in a classic David Hicks pattern for cozy seating on one side of the table, and employed two of their clients’ arm seats at both end. Other seats among those homeowners found were painted an excellent burgundy for more seating.

Fabric on bench: David Hicks La Fiorentina
Dining table: Antique from Eron Johnson
Chandelier: Kevin Reilly Altar Hanging Light

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

The clients understood right off the bat that they didn’t want their house to have yet another kitchen that was striped. Although some of the cabinetry is white and white Calcutta marble was installed on the countertops and stove backsplash, Schumacher decided to use the island and wall space to implement bold color. The background is a habit, hand-painted job of art from Stark. It took nearly a year for Schumacher to get the background, which was hand-painted on silk in China.

Following the background was installed, Schumacher had it coated with Proseal, which allows the background to act as a backsplash. “It is possible to throw off at it and it is going to wash right off,” she says.

Countertops: Calacatta Marble
Barstools: formerly owned by customer
Paint color on island: Cat’s Eye by Benjamin Moore

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

The wood used for your island counter tops will patina beautifully with usage. Dark wood floors draw the attention into the habit white cabinetry and built in refrigerator. Schumacher made a decision to utilize traditional-style chandeliers to your island lighting, which adds a great eclectic touch.

Flooring: Red oak, stained into a red black.
Chandeliers: JJ&S

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

This comfy library and media room is just one of those homeowners’ favorite rooms. Most of the furniture belonged to them already, which gives the room a comfortable, broken-in feel. The soft lighting and plush carpeting make it the ideal space to watch films or curl up with a novel on the soft leather chaise.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

The soothing and comfortable master bedroom is a great example of Schumacher’s go-to color palette. “My style typically starts with a neutral backdrop,” she says. “I then like to accessorize with pops of color in the artwork and fabrics.”

Four poster bed: Client’s very own
Fabric around bed frame: Pottery Barn

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

A mid-century vanity was chosen for one of the property’s powder rooms. Schumacher used a bold lattice-like background in a neutral white and charcoal palette to accent the walls. Just like a lot of the house, this room doesn’t automatically have a look that “goes together,” but it works in a really unique and personal manner.

Red, marble-topped dressing: Waterworks

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Both of the clients love to travel, so many facets of the house were motivated by their favorite destinations. Moroccan-shaped tiles line the shower in the master bath. Although the floors are radiant heated, a lush rug gives the room a lived-in feel.

Moroccan shaped tiles: Waterworks

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

A luxurious freestanding bathtub stands at the opposite end of the master bath. Blue, Morrocan-like draperies counter exactly the exact same honey coloured grasscloth employed from the living room. The fireplace makes this place the ideal place to unwind a crisp fall day, and the oyster surround adds an extra high-end touch.

Tub: Kohler
Drapery fabric: Carleton V’s Oxus
Flooring: Walnut
Wallcovering: Grasscloth out of F. Schumacher

Houzz Tour: Country Glamour in Woodstock, New York
Houzz Tour: Conventional Splendor in Minnesota
Houzz Tour: Comfort and Elegance for 5

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The best way to Protect Hardwood Floors From Kids

While your kids that are gorgeous will be the light of your existence, in regards to keeping a house plus they are able to be a pain in your rear. While you hope your pint sized individual can’t get in to too much difficulty, these small nippers can wreak all kinds of havoc in your house, leaving destruction in their own tornadic path. Hard woods are recognized to be tough and will last several life times although, they’re vulnerable to some gaggle of a toddler or teen-agers .

Seal wood floors having a transparent sealant, like a polyurethane, to safeguard the integrity and the the final of the wood. The sealant AIDS in preventing juice or other liquids.

Place doormats at either side of the door entrances to reduce moisture, mud and grime tracked in on sneakers and tiny toes, which compromises wellness and the general aesthetic of the wood.

Place rugs and runners within locations that are paths for tikes and small trikes and their toys or obtain the very best traffic. A large-area rug organized underneath kitchen and large furniture or dining area tables protects the ground from furniture, toes and meals. For locations where you won’t have a carpet, location felt pads in the base of furniture legs, particularly in the event that you have teenagers that are susceptible to bumping and moving furniture while roughhousing. Rugs printed with region or town scenes as well as paths and roads remind children to keep their play while increasing imaginations.

Clean up spills with paper towels or a gentle, lint-free cloth as quickly as they occur. Enlist the assist of tiny hands s O they are going to be aware of these surroundings to clear.

Encourage your kiddies to stay static in in stocking toes within the home and also to leave their street shoes by the do-or. While strolling on the floors, keep these things wear fun, gentle slippers — possibly by means of of these favorite cartoon character or animal, to produce a little whimsy while inquiring them to consider treatment. Grownup grownup kiddies could possibly get to the act to set a great instance for kiddies or . siblings younger

Dust mop hard-wood floors a T least weekly to eliminate dirt, pet dander and dust-bunnies s O the floors gleam and buildup doesn’t become an evident difficulty. This chore can become their obligation, when the children are outdated enough.

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The best way to Clean Synthetic Marble

Marble, generally called marble, mimics the look of real marble in a cost that is more cost-effective. As it is made from resin and marble formed into counter-tops, sinks and other surfaces marble is more flexible than genuine marble. Although marble is nonporous, you nevertheless need to take care when cleaning. Harsh items like acids, bleach and pads might scratch or dull the area. Protect your artificial marble surfaces with items which are safe for use on natural stone.

Remove any products in the marble area before cleansing.

The artificial marble area with natural stone cleaner or gentle pH- cleaner completely and to protect the area evenly. For messes that are difficult, enable the cleaner to sit to get several minutes to penetrate and loosen the stain.

Wipe the area using soft wash cloth or a micro fiber fabric to remove all traces of dust or dirt. Dry the artificial marble completely using a clean cloth.

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The best way to Change A-Wall Thermostat Battery

Thermostats may be easy dial- or change-controlled thermostats, or else they are able to be programmable electronic thermostats. Programmable thermostats may be established reduce or to increase the home temperature during certain times of the day-to keep bills under control. Wall thermostats usually use AAA or AA alkaline batteries or 3V button-type lithium batteries. The battery of the thermostat keeps your programming stops your heating and cooling control program when the power is out, from turning off and saved. Change when the low-battery indicator appears on the electronic display, or your wall thermostat batteries once a year.

Pull the wall thermostat housing from its own wall mount plate. Slide the housing up on the wall-mount plate and then pull it off in the event the housing will not easily display.

Turn the wall thermostat housing up to to get the battery removing slots. Pry out the batteries by setting a tiny, flat-blade screwdriver to the slots and lifting up.

Slide the new batteries, using the plus-sign facing up (unless the thermostat is otherwise marked), to the battery slots.

Set the housing onto the back-wall plate using the pins on the back aligned together with the final screw block. Slide it down to snap it back back to place.

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The best way to Clean a Room Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Carpets trap dust and dirt . Proper vacuuming minimizes the quantity of dirt in your house and extends the life span of the carpeting. In the event that you experience dirt sensitivities or allergies, a vacuum using a HEPA – filter can restrict the quantity of dirt kicked up when you clear. Vacuum a space at least once a week. High-traffic locations, like entry ways that are near, might require more regular cleansing to keep the floors looking their finest.

Place the dusting or brush attachment on the vacuum. Vacuum any wall or ceiling fixtures, window coverings and the ceiling. Work in the very best of the area down toward the ground.

Mantels dust furniture and wall decorations using a microfiber duster before vacuuming the the rest of the area. Dust stirred up throughout this procedure will finish on the ground, should you not do it, necessitating a 2nd vacuuming.

Vacuum upholstered furniture with all an upholstery attachment or the brush attachment. Begin in the very best of the furniture and function down. Vacuum both sides of cushions that are detachable.

Remove the upholstery or dirt attachment. Set if relevant, the vacuum dial to coincide with the ground area. Vacuums have options for reduced, medium or thick carpet nap or tough flooring.

Attach the corner attachment. Vacuum with this particular attachment, in the corners and round the legs of furniture you CAn’t move round the edges of the area.

Vacuum over any rugs. After you’ve finished vacuuming them, remove the rugs in the room. Alternatively, eliminate the rugs and shake the dirt from from their website outside.

Vacuum the ground functioning toward the contrary side and starting on one aspect of the area. Go over each area of of flooring twice to suck-up the maximum amount of dirt as achievable. Move furniture as you use a hose attachment to clear beneath the furniture without shifting it, or vacuum to clean beneath it.

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