Design Details: How to Show Off Your Curves

1 thing I heard from Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian is that curves, when completely embraced, are a fantastic thing. Now you are all like,”Whatchutawkinbout, Willis? Houzz is a decorating and design website, not celeb gossip central.” Well, my point is that curved partitions, while catchy to use, can do good things for a space depending on how they’re addressed. From a cliffside modern to some Malibu Mediterranean, here are some voluptuously vernacular examples of how to operate with curved partitions.

Winn Wittman Architecture

The first thing I think of when I visit architectural features like curved walls is”How the hell do I hang artwork or drapes on a curve?” Costly, custom made hardware is pretty much always going to come into play, but choosing the appropriate draperies is not so tough. Contemplate ripple-fold panels rather than conventional pleats. The overall look is much more tailored and matches beautifully with all the contemporary, unfussy look of floor-to-ceiling glass. Here’s a great illustration from The Shade Store.

On the reverse side, if you have got grand, curvy, floor-to-ceiling exterior glass walls, then it is likely they’re meant to capitalize on a perspective like this house by Fulcrum Structural Engineering. Dressing these windows could have been a crime. Unless the homeowner detests the stunning, multimillion dollar perspective.

Mark English Architects, AIA

How to dress a curved wall with framed bits? Turn the entire thing into a work of art by covering it with something interesting. A concrete look like this may be accomplished with decorative paint and/or skimming the wall with plaster. Or, for decorating a curvy design on a dime, stick together with painters’ tape and a couple of gallons of latex, and also proceed with alternating, arbitrary, vertical stripes.

Mark English Architects, AIA

When it comes to corridors, halls and stairwells, curved walls pose no challenges at all. In reality, they just act as eye candy adorned with nifty, safety-focused hand railings.

Again, the curvy stairwell, another fantastic chance to turn dead space to some focal point; stacked stone is often the best idea since its setup works nicely with curves.

Curves on outside, load-bearing partitions: the perfect situation where everyone wins. Modern architecture lends itself into curvy, conduit-like situations. The glass needs not be addressed window treatments as it is only employed as a means to bridge the gap between the indoors and the outdoors.

If your house’s curve is too extreme to adapt a salon-style gallery, work the area because its large part of artwork. A cost-effective means to do that is using a prefab wall mural. You can find an awesome, uber-affordable world map mural at Amazon.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Here is a good example of how multiple framed bits hung close to one another work nicely in hiding the fact that they’re hiding a curve.

Another alternative: Invest in an artwork hanging system made for curved partitions.

Peregrine Design Build

If you have the dollars, a curved wall constructed can make any displayed object 10 times cooler. The geometry involved is pretty much all precision-based; labour costs can easily rival that of a used sports car.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

A curved kitchenarchitecturally astounding. With the right cabinet maker, a curved cabinet-and-counter setup can make the lines of a kitchen as delicious as the food it cooks up.

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