Picture Windows, Chicago-Style

Some strong images have stuck with me by growing up in a 1950s ranch house in the suburbs of Chicago. One is the view of these trees, automobiles, and neighbors’ houses afforded by the huge picture window in our living room. The style — double-hung windows flanking a central fixed pane — is often referred to as a Chicago window.

This ideabook assembles a bunch of Chicago windows, in the city and far beyond. It’s an assembly which allows ample views and daylighting while at the same time providing for air and ventilation, significant considerations in only about any place — and as we’ll see, almost any room.

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Mark pinkerton – vi360 photography

A view is most likely the strongest justification for this type of picture window, and this one is a stunner. While I am not sure whether the windows astride the picture window have been operable, their width puts the accent on the squarish central pane.

Laura Britt Design

It’s clear that this picture window brings in lots of daylight, aided by the clerestory that straddles the fixed and operable windows below. While more traditional than the previous case, note the way the windows extend close to the ground, making the wall almost entirely glazed.

The huge picture window in the conclusion of the living room bring in mild in addition to some green; the latter is in the shape of the bamboo which sits just outside.

The Chicago window could be traced to the city’s tall buildings which dotted the Loop across the turn of the 20th century. Afterwards substantial rises also employed the window to construction curtain walls. This project takes advantage of a large picture window throughout the placement of the dining room table along with the window treatment.

Downey Robbins Szafarz Architects Inc..

Here is just another high rise with an image window which takes advantage of this lake view.

Claudia Leccacorvi

This subtle variant on the Chicago window locates the operable window below the middle pane.

Jones Design Build

Chicago windows are not only for living rooms and bedrooms. Here’s an example of a study that strategically orients the chair with a view out the fundamental pane involving hung windows. In my opinion, it’s always good to have a place to daydream while working.

Logan’s Hammer Building & Renovation

Leaves fill an image window at a eating area adjacent to the kitchen, looking like a painting.

Divine Design+Build

Kitchens are great rooms for versions on Chicago windows, ones which are somewhat shorter but also impressive in terms of views. Here one can enjoy the trees and water beyond while washing the dishes.

Neiman Taber Architects

We see the large fixed picture window above the sink.

Here is still another instance of a picture window above the sink. A lot more glass is found to the right and left, however, the operable windows are located by the sink to offer ventilation to your kitchen and also whoever is doing all the work.

ACANTHUS Architecture & Design, San Francisco, CA

This shows what an amenity picture windows above sinks could be.

Elad Gonen

These last couple examples reveal variants on the Chicago window. Here we view a bay with a corner window along with an operable awning below the central fixed pane. The bay is deep enough to work as a bench, a nice perch for looking at the view.

Birdseye Design

Here is just another bay with windows onto both sides and operables below the large central pane. This very low group of awning windows is just about in a individual’s head height while seated on the built in, providing a cooling breeze.

Robert Young Architects

This instance is just two thirds of a Chicago window, as only 1 casement window flanks the large fixed pane. This seems appropriate, given the scale of this room and length of this wall. The horizontal aspect ratio of the picture window makes sense.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Last, we have just two two-thirds windows with operables below fixed panes. This design almost eliminates the corner, and may be seen as one huge Chicago window which turns 90 degrees.

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