The best way to Move a Yucca Plant

Yucca plants are a perfect selection for gardeners who want to contain reduced-maintenance, drought-tolerant crops in their own yards. The spinelike succulent leaves attribute of yuccas offer a unique texture. These crops are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 5 to 11 and lend a South-Western sense to landscapes. Whether you want to transfer an yucca currently developing in your lawn or re-locate an off site plant, transplanting methods that are correct are essential for a successful reestablishment.

Move yucca crops in the fall when temperatures are moderate for most useful transplanting achievement. Choose a brand new location. Select an area with well-draining soil which is dry.

Put on work gloves. Dig from the perimeter of the leaf spread, approximately one-foot out across the root-system of the yucca plant. Push the shovel along to the ground and after that slightly angle it inward, working your way down and below the roots. Repeat this digging method across the whole plant. Work your way across the trench utilizing the shovel as a lever to raise the root ball of the plant.

Spread a little bit of burlap or landscape cloth on the floor close to the bottom of the yucca plant. Lift the plant from the floor and slide it onto the middle of the cloth. Pull the corners of the fabric up across the root ball and tie with string in place. Lift the plant right into wagon or a wheelbarrow when it is too large to carry to the planting site that is new.

Dig a hole in the planting site that is new. Create a hole that’s as deep and twice as extensive as the root ball as the root ball is large. Set the plant up right in the hole. Cut the strings and slide the cloth watchfully out from underneath the root ball. Remove any broken or ruined roots utilizing a pair of pruning shears.

Add one shovelful of compost and one of sand to the displaced s Oil. Mix sand, the compost and s Oil together briefly using the shovel. Backfill the hole with the s Oil combination. Tamp the s Oil down to packit firmly round the root ball. Don’t bury the yucca plant than its prior depth that is developing.

Water the location thoroughly having a garden hose before the s Oil is soaked. Water the yucca plant till it starts to create new development and becomes proven. Decrease watering.

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