18 Ways to Make a Kitchen Your Own

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home; it is where we frequently congregate as we prepare meals, eat and entertain. Since we’re spending considerable time in the marketplace, we should be thinking about how to produce the space personable and distinctive.

Even though all kitchens are made up of exactly the exact same standard essentials, there are several strategies to wed form and function in smart and creative ways to make it your own. Whether you are starting from scratch, renovating or simply trying to make a few alterations, read on for 18 suggestions to make a distinctive, unexpected kitchen that’s anything but cookie cutter.

David Sharff Architect, P.C.

Add colour with bright seats. The kitchen itself feels contemporary and clean-lined; the bright pop of orange along with fun form of the Fjord High Bar Stools punches its own personality.

Chr DAUER Architects

Or mix and match in different colors.

Imagine Living

Mix and match wood species. It is hard enough picking one kind of wood, so why not organize several? The mix results in a natural aesthetic that is both earthy and odd; the perfect complement to this modern space.

Desire to Inspire

Combine different styles. The kitchen may be a more functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated using the same layout approaches as a living area or bedroom. Combining a modern dining table and seats with a oriental rug along with rustic cabinetry creates a vibe that’s both eclectic and sophisticated.

Mal Corboy Design

Set the point with a bold color. No kitchen is getting lost in a white background when it is outfitted in turquoise cabinetry.

Arturo Medellin

Here is another example in crimson. The lacquer finish makes it all the more enticing.

Kim Duffin for Sublime Architectural Interiors

Set the point in multiple bold colors. Rather than choosing only one uniform colour, mix it up with several. After the colour scheme is so daring, there is little demand for extra accessories.

Glenvale Kitchens

Use corner drawers. Impress your guests and use space efficiently by installing corner drawers. They eliminate the bother of losing things behind a lazy Susan.

More creative ways to Deal with corners

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Accessorize creatively. Treat your kitchen as you would any other area of the home and sneak in lively accessories.

Elad Gonen

Get creative with cabinetry. Contemplate sliding panel doors rather than conventional cabinetry; you can push it open to reveal all your essentials simultaneously rather than opening and re-opening cabinets in search for the skillet. To make it even more interesting, pick a decorative panel that doubles as art.

Aneka Interiors Inc..

Or get creative with custom cabinetry by simply choosing an unusual style like these angled doors.

Dan Brown

Turn your range hood into a focus. Range hoods frequently look exactly the same, so by selecting one in an unexpected shape it becomes an extra kitchen layout component.

James LeCron

Install a island in different levels. Not just will this boost the visual appeal of your room, but it is going to add function by producing comfortable surface amounts for both eating and preparing meals.

Beckwith Interiors

Seek out odd light fixtures. The Cicatrices De Luxe 5 Pendant Light by Philippe Starck resembles a glass screen hanging in midair.

Divine Design+Build

Install an integrated bookcase to your own island. Make your island as smart as it is functional with attached shelving to display kitchen essentials and decorative knickknacks.

Ventana Construction LLC

Have fun with appliances. This turquoise range from BlueStar provides this kitchen a mid-century sense reminiscent of Mad Men.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Take an interesting shape for the island. So frequently islands are square or rectangular, but an unusual shape will make it much more eye-catching and may provide you with useful extra surface area.


Or choose an altogether odd island. It resembles this kitchen island only beached after a day at sea. Ahoy!

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