Color Pop: Bold Red Robes

Red can seem amazing. Personally, I tend to shy away in the color, choosing pink gloss over red lipstick and plum over scarlet in my own wardrobe. But I can see its appeal. You simply need a small pop of red to make an impression. A bit red goes a long way in decorating, also. So I had been curious to see what happens if you elect for a red frame around your artwork or mirrors. Here’s what I found:

Rosenberry Rooms

The glowing red frame of the chalkboard stands outside and feels right at home in this country-style entryway.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Since this background is such a bold, busy routine, the red frame is just one of the few components that gives your eye a place to pause.

This reddish frame is vacant of artwork — there’s merely a mat indoors, framing the background behind it.

Fl├╝ff Designs & Decor

Because the red frames are not the only red in this bedroom, then your eye bounces around. The frames seem purposeful as red accent color and draw your eyes up above the headboard. The headboard feels more silent under the red frames.

Dear Daisy Cottage

These mirrors share similar elaborate red frames. The color makes these mirrors seem particularly glam. I would really like to see this arrangement on a light grey wall.

This gallery wall displays a mix of many distinct frames, with one red frame at the center. The reddish adds an element of surprise to the arrangement.

Paige Merchant Designs

Inside this kiddo’s room, I certainly see the red frames prior to the artwork inside. (Not sure if that’s good or bad?) I like how the bold red frames draw out your eye.

Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP

The small reddish frames above the crib complement the adjacent accent wall.

The elaborate red frame only increases the drama in this area. I like how this red frame feels a little moody.

Hint: An easy way to tone down red is to put it against a dark background. Here, the area is quite dark with walnut black walls and floors.

Surge – ATX

The two rows of reddish frames in this dining room pull your eyes to look up (and see cool chandelier).

There’s lots of white and red in this area. The pieces of red, including the red frames, seem modern against such a white background.

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