Have a Shine

Does your home need more romance? Would you need to add relaxing touches? Are you interested in finding a litte fire? Turn a wall to candle-based art using large sconces in a deep end, or go simple with milder finished sconces. It is possible to locate a candle sconce to match any size, and if you get a scented candle or two, you can have fun with fragrance. (Of course, always track burning candles for security.) Here are some excellent ways to use sconces in your property.

Alicia Ventura Interior Design

Pretty up the powder room. Candles add a gorgeous touch to your powder room, and scented candles can continue to keep the room clean and aromatic through a party. Install sconces on either side of your mirror or over the bathroom so there is no possibility of anyone knocking them over.

Grandin Road

Laurent Floor Lantern and Wall Sconce – $39

I adore this wall sconce. It has a excellent shape that works with almost any style, and the candle is surrounded by glass to security. I would love to use a pair in a powder room or foyer, on either side of a mirror.

A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner

Create play with multiples. Purchase a few of the exact same sconce to fill more of this wall so you can get a lot of twinkling when the lights are turned off.


Boxes Wall Sconce – $49.95

Get the appearance of the dining area in the former picture with this wall sconce.

Xstyles Bath + More

Romance a master bathroom. Turn a bathtub wall into a flickering vision of light. Install numerous sconces or a huge iron wall one, switch off the lights and enjoy a relaxing bath by candlelight.

Coral Reef Wall Candelabra – $45.99

Insert this large wall sconce to a nautical theme. It will also look great in any seaside space. Use bright yellow candles for a big, bold look.

Life in the Fun Lane

Emphasize a focal point. Boost the visual appeal of your art by installing a pair of candle sconces on either side. Pick a finish that complements the art. To keep the candles from stealing the spotlight in instances like this, select white or white.

Inside Avenue

Progressive Ring Sconce – $248.40

Ensure it is contemporary. Mount this on a dark painted wall and the shiny finish will shine. This would look great in a contemporary dining room.


IMAX Harmony Chandelier Candle Wall Sconce – $107.98

Mix with glitz. Install a bold wrought iron candle sconce which includes crystal for a dramatic feature in a bedroom or bathroom.


Warm a gathering area. Install wall candle sconces in a family room and make a cozy haven. Your room will get a relaxing glow from the lamps and candles. Use big wall sconces so you can go larger with the candles.

Capizia Wall Candleholder Set – $55.99

A great look throughout the night and day! Add fun and color to your walls using these artsy wall sconces. Select up on the blue or brown color for your candles.

Heather Garrett Design

Boost the chic. Insert more flair with wall sconces over your fireplace. Silver and white finishes look great against pewter-hued walls.


Wellfleet Sconce – $350

Take the appearance of the wall sconces in the living room over for this one. Would you believe it is made from shells?


Four Season Iron Sconce – $64

Add outside elegance. Light up the night for this particular iron sconce. It is a good size and comes in many different finishes.

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