Red Doors Spice Up Home Fronts

Elizabeth Arden was on something when she painted the doorway to her Fifth Avenue salon a bright, bold crimson. A red door is a fantastic welcome for any home or business. Even more welcoming is a red door with a window adjacent or embedded in the doorway; the glass provides a sense of openness and lets light into the interior.

When painting an present door crimson, be sure to test several colours to discover a red that complements your house colour. You should use the best-quality exterior paint which you could manage for a durable finish (high-gloss paint is a common option). Red doors can also be made from red-stained wood, metal or other composite materials.

I rounded up photographs of 11 front doors in a variety of shades of crimson and a huge array of fashions. From trendy and contemporary to cottage cute, there’s a door for each home.

Debra Campbell Design

This red door is so quaint it almost hurts. With an arched top, paned glass along with a Dutch cut, it is a ideal selection for its place: picturesque Carmel Valley in California.


A red door adds to the charm of the house’s elegant entry. The geraniums and other scarlet-petal blossoms near the entry add even more welcoming colour.

Ana Williamson Architect

Red goes contemporary in this bold door on a house by architect Ana Williamson. Frosted glass is a great selection for allowing in natural light while still retaining privacy.

Goforth Gill Architects

A cardinal door paired with sunny yellow siding makes for a particularly inviting entry. This doorway has panels on each side and a single pane of glass in the top third of the doorway.

Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design

The facade of the home, set in a neighborhood of affordable artists’ home, respects its rural New England surroundings. Red is a standard colour for agricultural constructions, and the area includes working farmland.

Rauser Design

This kitchen with Rauser Design opens right up into the outside through a red door which is more glass than wood. It’s painted with Redwing by Sherwin-Williams.

EAG Studio

A dual door with brushed glass insets along with a stained glass transom is in keeping with the Victorian architecture of the San Francisco house lovingly rejuvenated by EAG Studio. Brass kickplates prolong the life of this doorway.

Pllc, Swaback Partners

Red is a natural selection for this barn-style doorway of a contemporary cabin by Swaback Partners. A nearby selection of walking sticks adds to the woodsy charm.

TEA2 Architects

A porthole-style window is a lively option with this arched cherry-colored door. It hints at the nautical theme that continues inside this carriage house.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Even apartment buildings and offices can benefit from a welcoming entrance doorway. Designer Tineke Triggs snapped this photo of the entry for her Artistic Designs for Living office. The zebra-patterned carpet gives the hallway a feeling of Hollywood glamour.

Ground and only

Cranberry-hued doors aren’t only for New England. This California dwelling maintains a distinctly West Coast vibe with its slate and river stone course, potted palms, native grasses and midcentury-style red entrance.

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