Barn Doors Slide Into Style

If you do not shut a door, you can find yourself subjected to the timeworn “Were you raised in a barn?” remark. But, there’s absolutely no need to disparage barn doors. In reality, a sliding bar–style door can be a choice for a inside.

A traditional door may use up to 9 square feet of space (a set of French doors, much more). While that might not seem like a lot counts. Installing a door means that it’s going to take only a few inches of floor space up. The disadvantage? Sliding barn doors occasionally afford protection that is noise than doors, which close tightly.

A sliding door is not the answer for all small rooms. You have to have enough wall space adjacent to your door to slide over the door. Distance market that is similar is offered by A pocket but demands demolition to install. A fairly handy DIY-er can tackle installing a sliding barn door, but if you are unsure of your abilities, employ a professional to ensure your door slides smoothly and safely.

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Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

A sliding door shuts off a bedroom in this house in Mill Valley, California, made by Tineke Triggs. Here the walls, door and trim are all painted the same white colour so that the door blends with its environment.

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Van Wicklen Design

While this bedroom is barely short on space, a barn door is a charming nation inclusion. Designer Jeanette Van Wicklen ordered the hardware from Barn Door Hardware and had the door is designed by her builder.

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Andre Rothblatt Architecture

A close-up view shows you how a sliding door monitor works: Typically, the door is hung from a piece of hardware with a wheel that rolls along a track attached to the wall.

Su Casa Designs

The team at Su Casa Styles of Newton, Massachusetts, knows that a barn door is a practical choice for a kitchen space, where swinging doors may get in the way. Three panels of glass allow natural light.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

A lime-green hue brings the eye to the front door of this home by Feldman Architecture, but it is the oversize sliding door to the left that is the real showstopper. In this instance, the sliding barn door acts as a room divider.

TruLinea Architects Inc..

This sliding door is designed to tuck into the adjacent staircase — a true space saver. It’s clad in the same wood as a nearby wall, giving the door a smooth look when closed.

Flea Market Sunday

This slider does double duty as a door along with a makeshift gallery for children’s art. There are a few magnets all you have to use your door if you install a metal door.

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Barn doors are a contemporary alternative to traditional doors and take floor space up.

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Feldman Architecture, Inc..

A door may be used for over closing entrances between chambers. Here, Feldman Architecture installed a slider to pay up an office space when it isn’t in use.

Murphy & Co.. Design

A barn door can feel at home in a cupboard. In this generous walk-in by Murphy & Co., a sliding barn door can be pushed to one side to pay behind.

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