5 Uniquely Styles, 5 Homes

I recently showed you homes with manly energy, so it is only fair that I turn it around and share spaces with more energy. From a lady’s fantasy getaway cottage in the woods into a sprawling mansion, every room has a traditionally female touch.

This isn’t to stereotype gender preferences or styles; everyone can love and create these homes, and not every girl is adding flowers and ruffles where she can. Let’s just leave it at this: Not one of these spaces will be accused of being a”man cave.”

Listed below are five these spaces and links to their extended Tours.

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Edith Wharton lovingly designed The Mount, her house in the Berkshires. She paid very special attention to the floor and gardens, aided by her niece, landscape architect Beatrix Farrand.

This timeless and light-filled grand entryway/gallery on the main floor sets the tone for people.

Throughout a showhouse project, Bunny Williams reinterpreted the dining room with the soul of Wharton in your mind. She had one photograph to move on, which revealed white French armchairs, a round Victorian dining table along with a pillow to get a favorite dog.

Watch the rest of The Mount | View the gardens of The Mount

Sandra Foster has transformed an old hunting cabin on her house to some dreamy Victorian escape.

A tented ceiling, chandelier and miles of ruffles make this cottage a soft spot to land and revel in a little solitude in the forests.

Of all the white utilized through the 9-by-14 cottage, Foster says,”I really like it. It is relaxing, pure, feminine, light, clean, classy and tasty.”

Watch the rest of this escape cottage

Mary Evelyn Interiors

This gorgeous house in Birmingham, Ala., has been inspired by a love of French style. Even the entryway, with its luxe fabrics and ornate touches, lets people know what is in store.

Mary Evelyn Interiors

The kitchen is beautiful in creamy white. It is elegant yet handy and comfortable for family gathering.

Mary Evelyn Interiors

One of its female touches: soft fabrics on the window treatments and seat cushions, as well as a sparkling crystal chandelier.

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Munger Interiors

Dark tiles and granite were ripped out of the home to make a light coastal vibe. It is a contemporary and tailored update on the shabby chic look.

Munger Interiors

Patinaed finishes, an orchid and a trayscape make a gorgeous vignette.

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Munger Interiors

A pop of glowing pink flowers gives this space a girly feel. This could easily be changed to a more manly guest space by swapping out the 3 cushion covers for either pinstripe or plaid.

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Julie Holloway

Floral background, curvaceous lamps along with a handbag draped on a doorknob provide this house a subtly feminine flair that is not too much girliness for those guys of the home.

Julie Holloway

Damask is a background choice for this subtly feminine appearance. The chandelier and botanicals attract the pretty.

Ruffled drapes, a mirrored desk and a sinuous Panton chair make this a favorite spot for the woman of the home.

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