A berm is a mounded or shaped planting feature of a landscape. Berms tend to be curved and are raised from 18 to 24 inches high. They are sometimes placed to add visual interest, to cause proper drainage or to conceal unsightly elements.

Debora carl landscape design

Berms add visual interest and are a handy way to plant species that have similar sunshine and water requirements. There are unlimited design possibilities for a berm.

Jennifer Jamgochian / Multiflora

Berms and island bedrooms are extremely similar, and frequently the terms are used interchangeably. Island beds normally stand alone, nevertheless, whereas a berm can be a more natural part of the landscape. This is a good illustration of an island bed.

LLC, Company & Woodburn Landscape Architecture

Berms can also be described as the strips of lawn with a street, or the flat areas flanking a tube.

Christopher Yates Landscape Architecture

Not all berms have to be flower beds; ornamental grasses planted to a large sloping mound are a modern solution to the berm.

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