Directions on John Deere Lawn Tractors for Belt Replacement

When the mower drive belt slide in your own John Deere lawn tractor starts to squeal or snaps completely, you know that it’s time to replace it. It’s a good idea to keep a replacement so the belt can change immediately and return to mowing since rubber straps are one of the first things to go on compressors. It’s a project most homeowners can accomplish with ease although the idea of changing the belt might appear overwhelming at first.

Park the tractor on a flat area and set the parking brake. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug. Remove in the ignition.

Put a wood block beneath the left and right side of the mower deck in preparation for deck removal. Adjust the deck height lever. By removing the hooks and washers linkages are lifted by disconnect the deck. Eliminate the linkages in the deck and disconnect the rear draft arm. Disconnect the mower deck drive belt to fully separate the deck from the tractor. Gently remove and allow the deck wheels to touch the floor. Roll the deck from underneath the mower and store it aside.

Pull the belt and remove the screws which hold the two belt covers in place covers from the deck. Loosen the sheaves and pull on the belt in the mower.

Route the belt around the sheaves and pulleys, following exactly the same path as the belt which you removed. The belt covers and screw them into position. Retighten the sheaves together with the belt in position. John Deere recommends tightening the sheaves.

Place the deck height lever in the transport position to start reattaching the mower deck. Roll the deck under the machine. Place the cubes underneath the deck on the left and side side and lower the deck height lever. Reinstall the pins and washers you removed before to reattach the linkage. Reattach the rear draft arm.

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