Dreaming of a Private Waterside Cabana

Summer is in full swing, more so for some than others (I am looking at you, Texas heat that’s keeping us in 100+ degrees and counting)! I don’t know about you but all I could think about is being in water.

You will find plenty of backpacks, springs, lakes and pools throughout Austin, a lot of which I take full benefit. These are all public, mind you (I am on the market for buddies with pools; shout if you want to be my buddy ) but I have no complaints. I want a cabana for personal respites from the undying warmth. You know, like the ones in the beach. Just a tiny hut with some breezy curtains, a mattress, a lover, some umbrella drinks.

Am I asking too much? Perhaps, but I have decided that beach goers don’t have to be the sole lucky cabanistas. With just a little creativity, you can create one — or catch the essence of a single, at least — anywhere. Your pool, backyard, your deck or terrace are all fair game. Dream along with me…

Lori Gilder

This patio may or might not be close to a body of water, however it doesn’t matter; it easily translates into elements for a successful cabana. The natural wood furniture with white cloth feels light and airy, and along with the fan and neighboring plantings, the entire look has a by-the-water feel.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

This comfy daybed tucked between a door and a window just begs to be flopped on for a rest or a fantastic read. The simple color palette (mostly white with neutral and black accents) makes the simple, casual texture a reality; a coating of paint and some toss pillows can transform a room!

Synergy Design Studio

Obviously, adding color never hurts. Take a cue from this arrangement meant for sharing and then invite some friends over! A similar look can be accomplished using a little creative carpentry and covering some high-density foam to create fast, affordable seating. Throw some well-coordinated cushions into the mix and you have got yourself a comfort station which is going to be the talk of your area.

Lori Gilder

Does anything say breezy luxury more than a cabana with a thatched roof? This could be more of a pool house than a genuine cabana, but scaled down, the same idea may be used for a poolside (or yard-side) cabana.

Decorated Shed

Garden Studio, Modern/Cube – GBP 19,995

In case you have a backyard with some spare space, consider turning into a shed-like structure to a miniature beach oasis. Prefab options, for example ones from Decorated Shed, provide a small amount of additional space with a big dose of design. The outside paneling makes this one stand out from the crowd, since it has the potential to coordinate effortlessly with many home designs.

Cabin Fever

Zip Cabin – $13,500

Obviously, there are more affordable options, also. The Zip Cabin can be versatile in its uses and would create a perfectly beautiful cabana on the cheap!

David Ballinger


MetroShed is yet another great option (there’s a cabana-esque picture on their website)! Furnishing these tiny prefab gems doesn’t have to be pricey: A couch, chaise or mattress with cloth suitable for covered outdoor areas, a fan, some romantic lighting for day use, and a tiny refrigerator for frosty drinks ought to do the trick.

Brian Watford Interiors

If your budget permits, I believe that you can not fail with some billowy, sporty drapes.

If you’re feeling flush, ensconce yourself at a dreamy fourposter or canopy bed with sheers that keep the mosquitos out but allow the air flow.

Like I said, none of this has to violate the bank; folding seats are employed to great effect in this layout. They are easy to transport, and they surely make closing up for the season a cinch. (But let’s not think about that just yet. . .we’re just getting started!)

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