Grow With Intention: Nourish Your Creativity at Home

Whether you knit, sew, paint, craft or write, odds are that you find it hard to squeeze as much creative time as you would like. It is all too easy to permit our programs to be stuffed to the brim with obligations to other people, however, the fact remains that when we take the time to perform the things which nourish our creative spirits we all feel better. When autumn approaches, and the coziness of house beckons once again, it is the ideal time to take up your chosen craft (or try something new).

All these 11 ideas and beautiful, inspiring spaces will help spark your imagination, get you out of any ruts and support your crafty side.

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No more excuses! Keep away from distraction and take advantage of limited time. Even if you’re able to set aside only 10 or 15 minutes, should you make them count — and replicate daily — you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. While it’s true that some jobs require a few longer committed work times, if we are being honest, largely “I have no time” is just another way to procrastinate.

If generating is important for you, you likely can locate the time. Set yourself up for success by avoiding easy access to the net and turning off all of your devices during committed creative work times — and allow people you live with know just how important this time is to you.


If you need a large, open space, make it happen. If what you really need is a expansive surface to spread out on and you don’t have a dedicated place with you, don’t let that stop you. It’s perfectly all right to call dibs on the dining room or kitchen table between meals, provided you can clean your work into the side comparatively easily. Keeping a cabinet or drawers nearby can make it easy to sweep things off the table in a rush.

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Feeling trapped? Take a time-out for exercise. The next time a creative block strikes, consider taking a brisk walk, settling into a few yoga poses or lifting weights — whatever to get your blood pumping. Exercise gives your mind a break from actively considering your creative difficulty while enhancing flow (and probably your disposition). The best ideas can bubble up spontaneously during these time-outs, pulling you out of your rut in a significantly shorter time than if you had been attempting to induce a notion to come.

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Find a corner to call your own. Whether it is a little table pulled up to a sunny window, a closet which can be curtained off from the remainder of the space, a tiny unused corner or a cupboard having a work surface concealed inside, it is crucial to find somewhere that lets you fully devote to your creative practice. There will be times when you have to leave your work in the middle of a job, and it is so beneficial if you’re able to leave some of your materials out instead of having to clean up completely every time. Do not fret if the only space you are able to find is a little out of the way — occasionally a desk with a stunning view is not quite as conducive to good work as a very small nook, where you can focus your energy on the job at hand.

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Make sure you have easy access to your materials. If you need to hunt and dig every time you wish to work on your craft job, odds are that it is not likely to happen as often as you would like. It’s not necessary to keep every last item on screen, but putting frequently used tools in an easy-to-grab spot is essential. Fill an open-top basket or bin with your materials and store it in the area in which you like to get the job done.

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Let your whole distance reflect your creative passions. There’s something to be said for having an whole studio devoted for your art (obviously), however for the majority of us, finding creative distance inside the remainder of our house is exactly how it goes. But that doesn’t mean you must confine your imagination to one zone — actually, the more you’re able to integrate mini creativity spots throughout your space, the more likely it is you’ll be enticed to make something. Consider displaying your guitar on a rack in the living space, maintaining pretty cloths or luscious yarns in open cubbies, and stashing a stack of fresh notebooks and pleasant pens close to your favorite chair.

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Know when you need solitude. This suggestion is especially pertinent for people living with children or roommates. Even if you have a large space, while others are continuously interrupting to ask you questions or chat, then you need to find somewhere more private. Taking over a part of your own bedroom with a worktable and also an inspiration board might be the ideal solution. If you want to be really tricky, you can even pretend you’re still sleeping — squeeze in a bit creative time first thing in the morning before anyone knows you’re up.

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Disposition matters: Your creative space ought to inspire you. While it is true you should minimize distractions during imaginative time, that doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to operate in an entirely unadorned area, either. Tap to what fuels your imagination and attract more of that into your space. Consider a little stereo if you like music while you work, textiles or classic objects that ignite your creativity, an inspiration board at which you can collect your ideas, and novels you love; even entertaining wallpaper or some vibrant wash of paint can improve your mood and help juice your creative spirit.

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Entice yourself with inspiring quotes. I am a huge believer in the power of words, and an apt quote has helped me out of a creative rut several times. Maintain a rotating selection of favorite quotes, sayings, song lyrics and lines of poetry on a chalkboard or pin board, or just taped to your wall for a quick boost whenever you need it.

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Know that moments of humor on your decor make imagination flow. Keep the mood light on your creative space using a bright, entertaining touch just like a decorated or “dressed” sculpture, a cheapo classic portrait that you’ve drawn a mustache on or some object that brings a smile to your face.

Be receptive to imagination in all areas of your life. Creativity permeates everything we do, from our discussions with friends to preparing dinner for our families. Approaching everyday tasks using a creative outlook makes our daily life richer and more satisfying.

Tell us : how can you find time to work on creative endeavors? What would your fantasy crafting or making distance look like?

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