How to Pick a Dining Room Set

There are several factors to consider when selecting new dining room collection. The first two factors are the size of the dining room area and the budget you have to work with. The first two factors will play a large part in determining the previous 2 — size and quality of the new dining room collection.

Dining Room Dimensions

The first element to consider when purchasing a new dining set is what size will fit in your dining area. The dining room table ought to be large enough to accommodate you and your guests and allow enough room to maneuver across the table. When you are ready to start shopping for your new furniture, then keep the measurements of the dining room “width and span” along with a tape measure handy. This will allow you to measure possible dining room sets, hutches and china cabinets to evaluate them with your dining room size and arrangement options.

Table Dimensions

To determine what size of dining area set to buy, several factors can help you make a choice — first is the size of the dining area and the other is the size of the immediate family. If there are five members in your family, don’t buy a dining set which only seats four. In addition, you might want to purchase a dining room set large enough to accommodate guests for supper parties.

Quality and Price

The cost of getting a new dining room set is dependent upon several factors: the craftsmanship put to the furniture, the kinds of substances used to make it and the size. Handcrafted or ornate dining rooms require more man-hours to fabricate. This results in higher production costs, which are passed on to you. The kinds of substances used to construct the dining room set also factor in the final costs paid by the consumer. As an example, a solid oak, cherry or maple wood dining set is significantly more costly than dining room sets utilizing particle board with veneer overlays. The size of the dining room set is the last factor when makers determine a price range for your own furniture. Naturally, a larger set is more expensive compared to their smaller counterparts because they require more labor and materials to fabricate.

Current Founder

The last element to consider when shopping for a dining room set is the way that it will blend with your current decor. As an example, you would rather not buy a modern contemporary dining set and incorporate it with ancient American living room furniture. Since most American homes incorporate an open floor plan in which the kitchen, living room and dining area are visible, the furniture should flow together. This isn’t to say you cannot use a Victorian dining room set with modern living room furniture; people have different preferences. It’s just not the standard.

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