New Classics: Paul Smith's Swirl Rug

Designer Paul Smith’s Swirl has become a signature pattern that is swooshing across all from bikini bottoms. Now, thanks to a collaboration with The Rug Company, you will locate it on the ground too. The colorful stripes are mixed with more neutral and muted tones, which makes it a surprisingly versatile option. Some designers draw from the brighter tones, but others allow it to be the only colorful piece in a more subdued colour palette.

Whatever the choice, the rug is a stunner that, though you’ll be trampling on it, should be considered a work of art. If you choose to purchase a single (the hand-knotted Tibetan wool model runs $130 per square foot), then you are going to have the ability to use it in just about any area. Have a look at the possibilities.

Baxter Design Group

This rug is very helpful in supplying colour inspiration; you can pick hues right from its stripes and the rug joins them together.

Modern Rugs

The rug is made of wool from Tibetan sheep and hand knotted in Kathmandu, Nepal, by skilled weavers.

Baxter Design Group


I never would have thought of using this rug for a stair runner, but the results are mind blowing. My only worry is that I’d have a fall while partaking in the swirls in my way down the stairs.

Koo de Kir

It takes a confident designer to mix such a lively, modern rug using a large scale historical relief, but the outcome is striking. There’s a balanced mixture of many eras within this brownstone’s living area.

Koo de Kir

All the rest of the furniture in this area is very dim in tone; the neutral hues from the Swirl give it this flexibility.

Leone Design Studio

Employing the Swirl rug is an eccentric means to update a midcentury modern aesthetic.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Evidently, due to its bright colors and wavy lines, the Swirl is a great choice for a child’s playroom or bedroom.


Caitlin Wilson Design

The rug’s range of colors and abstract pattern keep a female bedroom from getting too froufrou.

Axis Mundi

Likewise, they keep a darker, more manly palette from getting overly man cave–ish. Smith describes his work as “classic with a twist” — adding that the Swirl to any area is the twist.

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