Readers' Choice: The Laundry Rooms of 2011

There is nothing more depressing than having to get your laundry at a gloomy and dreary room. users appeared to know thats, since all of the most popular photographs from 2011 are mild, bright, and well-organized spaces. ers desired to find spaces that they would want to do their laundry in — rooms with beautiful cabinetry, exceptional storage solutions, beautiful wall colours, and easy-to-implement layout thoughts.

Take a look at the hottest laundry area photographs uploaded in 2011, and tell us which one you like the most!

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Spinnaker Development

1. While this laundry area is not particularly big, the lengthy countertop delivers a great deal of valuable workspace for sorting and folding. Users loved the mild and calm colours in this area, and the window over the washer and drier

Weaver Custom Homes

2. ers researched this photo for sensible construction suggestions about the best way best to earn a laundry space function efficiently. Users loved the two different counter heights, the sink in this area, and the hanging bar over the sink — which is perfect for those delicates that need to air dry.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

3. All-white cabinetry and bold black appliances create this laundry room look almost glamorous. Users loved the glistening black washer and dryer set, and the way the space was divided into a combined mudroom and laundry for convenience.

Reaume Construction & Design

4. The silvery-gray cupboard color was the main attraction in this modern laundry space. A Caesarstone countertop was chosen for its durability (and it’s easy to wash ). The white cloth choice keeps the space feeling fresh and clean.

Crisp Architects

5. Figuring out where to put the ironing board is one of those eternal home design dilemmas. ers loved the drop-down board in this area, and the window directly over the countertop.

Meredith Heron Design

6. Slate tile provides this laundry area a bold look, and serves as a durable floor surface to the doorway to the outdoors. The glass tile backsplash was just another point of interest for consumers, who loved the subtle flair it added to this long and narrow space.

Kelley & Company Home

7. Even though it’s a little laundry area, there’s a lot to love in this tiny space. Stainless steel shelving and light function with the very simple sink to make the room look almost industrial. Users also loved the glass containers filled with wooden brushes, and the clothes baskets hanging onto the wall for storage.

Visbeen Architects

8. There are almost too many creative layout ideas in this laundry area to record! ers bookmarked this photo for the unique gray cabinetry and orange fittings, but they also loved the smart storage thoughts, the quirky background, and the open shelving over the countertop.

Kingsley Belcher Knauss, ASID

9. Stacked dishwashers and dryers are a smart way to conserve space in a tiny laundry room — particularly when your laundry area must share space with a different room in the house. ers desired to know all about the substances in this area, and the warm burnt sienna wall shade.

10. This turquoise laundry area was among the few colorful laundry areas to make it into the very popular photo list this year. ers loved how bright and light this laundry area seems. Installing the chandelier was an adorable touch that adds just a little bit of glow into the room.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

11. The gray wall color in this area is a bit darker than what the majority of folks would think about for a laundry area, but the vivid white cabinetry and washer-dryer set contrasts beautifully with the dark shade. Users spared this photo because of the space-saving stacked washer and drier, and the exceptional floor material.

Matthies Builders

12. Smartly coordinating one wall space left plenty of space for foot traffic in this joint laundry room and mudroom. Using built-ins to make a sturdy space may give you the choice of customizing a smaller space to fit your needs.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

13. Hiding the ironing board in a streamlined storage space like this gives you more freedom with the rest of your laundry area. This is particularly important in a smaller space, or one that is off of a main living area. Solutions like this will make sure your laundry area stays clean and neat.


14. This ironing board alternative is a little bit more complicated, but just as efficient. ers loved the way the designer customized the ironing board to fold into a cupboard drawer. The beautiful cabinetry and rustic backplash were other factors of attraction for ers too.

Pure Design by Jerry Bussanmas

15. Whenever it’s relatively straightforward in design, there are some simple and easy to implement storage hints in this laundry area that ers were enthused about. The built-in drying rack is a fantastic touch (as sometimes one bar just is not enough), as was the wall cabinetry, which may hold all kinds of odds and ends.

Kaufman Homes, Inc..

16. Natural lighting can make a big difference in a laundry area — particularly when you’re in the middle of a huge load of laundry. users spared this photo to your open and airy feel, as well as the metallic blue color of this washer and drier.

17. Background in a laundry area is not something that you usually find on , but users loved the look of this modern space. This photo was bookmarked to your tall built-in cupboard next to the washer and dyer, and the beautiful countertop.

MainStreet Design Build

18. If you’re trying to join a mud room with a laundry area, it’s almost always a good idea to invest in a sturdy floor material, like the slate tiles in this photo. Stone is hard wearing and durable, which is great for all of the filthy feet that is going to be crossing through this field.

Casa Greer

19. Painting vibrant stripes on your laundry area is a fast and affordable way to earn a dull space feel a great deal less drab. ers also enjoyed the way the storage bins fit exactly the ironing board, and the way the designer set up a dangling bar underneath the wall shelving.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

20. This laundry includes a smart add-on that users could not get enough . The little tub next to the washer and drier is a superb dog wash, and a drying rack was put above it that dripping water could drain.

Which of these rooms would you want to do your laundry in? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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