The best way to Remove Thin-Set From Drywall

When changing tile on dry wall it’s essential so your tile adheres precisely to prepare the area. When tiling a wall mortar is normally used as the adhesive. The aged tile falls off or is eliminated in the wall when, the thin-set that was employed to to install it’s dried and become trapped on the wall. Therefore the tile features a great bonding area removing the current thin-set is extremely essential. It it takes persistence and attention to detail, while the method is easy. Without harming the dry wall the goal would be to remove the thin-set.

Scrape the drywall clear of current hardened thin-set with A4-inch- putty knife for huge expanses of a 1-inch as well as dry wall – putty knife for smaller places.

Clean the dry wall of stubborn thin-set encrustation using a razor-blade scraper. Keep the blade pressed flat against the wall and without gouging the dry wall at an angle that scrapes off the thin-set.

Sand the last thin-set deposits with 155 that is coarse -grit sandpaper.

Brush the dry wall clear using a brush and wipe the residue off.