What’s The Best Type Of Paint For A Master Bathroom

If you want to make your master bathroom look like it’s brand new, the easiest and quickest way of achieving this is by slapping it a fresh coat of handyman. However, to get the look you are after, you don’t just have to choose the right colors as you’ll also need the right finish for your bathroom. There’s a wide selection of glosses and finishes out there.

We have listed the most common ones below from high to low gloss.

Keep on reading to find out which ones we would recommend for your master bathroom. We’ll also include the downsides, so you can have a complete idea on what you will be dealing with if you choose a specific finish for house repairs.

Eggshell Paint Finish

Eggshell is among the types of paint that are the most forgiving when dealing with repairs, dents, and damaged walls. However, it lacks the luster and gloss that other paint types provide. This means that dimensional surfaces are flattened out visually under its pigment. Also, eggshell is not as durable as semi-gloss or satin. It’s also not very good at repelling mold and moisture. If you insist on using eggshell paint finishes, just make sure that you invest on one that’s designed for master bathrooms specifically.

Flat or Matte Paint Finish

Flat or matte paint finishes absorb light. This means less paint will be needed to cover a surface area and you’ll be able to save some money. The downside to this is that you should not scrub too hard when cleaning the surface as it may result in the paint peeling and lifting up. In your bathroom, flat or matte paint finish is guaranteed to discolor or fade after a period of time.

High Gloss Paint Finishes

High gloss got its name from its glossy sheen which is very noticeable. It’s not just incredibly shiny but incredibly durable too! If your walls are coated with high gloss handyman contractors, the surfaces will be easy to clean. Wiping sticky handprints and dirt smears will now be a breeze. The downside to this type of finish is that it can get too reflective and bright in your bathroom. Also, it has the tendency to show off every flaw on a wall from dings and dents to spackle marks.

Semi-Gloss Paint Finishes

Durable just like high gloss, semi-gloss is less shiny and it’s excellent at repelling moisture. It’s also very easy to clean. If coated in a master bathroom, this type of handyman will last a considerable amount of time. What’s more, it will require little to no maintenance at all. Specialty brands are available and their products are designed to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, perfect for your master bathroom. Still, there is a downside to everything and semi-gloss, just like high gloss, highlights any imperfections on your bathroom walls. Be sure to properly prep your walls before handyman services.

Satin Paint Finishes

If you are on the hunt for a type of paint that repels moisture but won’t give you a reflective gloss, then we have a good option for you: satin paint finish! It’s durable just like a semi and high gloss and it’s excellent at hiding the flaws on walls. Just be careful when painting because paint strokes are more visible in this finish.