When to Harvest Red Torpedo Onions

When you desire a mild and sweet-flavored onion, the red torpedo onion (Allium cepa var. Cepa “Red Torpedo”) is 1 type you’ll want to consider. At maturity, red the heirloom torpedo onion, which originated from the Italian region of Calabria, measures 6 to 8 inches long with a diameter of approximately 3 inches. They are named using a torpedo shape and red to purple skin. Red torpedo onions grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 to 10.

Life Cycle of Red Torpedos

Red torpedo onions are a type of long day onion. The bulbs on this form of onion form when the plants receive 14 or more hours of sunlight every day. Typically, you plant red torpedo seeds or places in the spring and then harvest them around six months later. They are classified as biennials but are generally raised as annuals. Sometimes, red torpedo onions are harvested at scallion size. You may pull on the onion plants when they are 6 to 8 inches tall and the diameter of a pencil. But wait to harvest the fully formed bulbs to take advantage of the light, sweet onion flavor.

How to Harvest

When the torpedo-shaped onions rise slightly out of the ground, then they are ready to harvest. If you are not sure, pull a few onions and then check their size. The tall leaves generally begin to turn from green to yellow and fall over when the onions reach a harvestable size. When approximately one-half of those tops fall over, thrust the other tops above by hand and then wait a week. After a week, the tops will turn brown and wither. Loosen the soil around the onion lamps using a garden fork and then pull on the onions. Allow the onions to air-dry from the garden for a single day. If the weather is very hot and sunny, dry the onions from the shade. If blossom stalks have formed, then utilize the onions instantly and do not store them.

Prepare Onions for Storage

After drying in the garden for a day, transfer the onions to a dry shelter. Expand the onions in a single layer on elevated screens or pliers or hang the onions in tiny bunches. Provide decent air circulation and allow the onions to dry for two to three weeks. Braid the tops cut the tops off 1 inch in the onion bulb. Trim off any tiny roots.

Storage of Red Torpedos

Red torpedo onions are generally bad onions for long-term storage. However, they will keep up to 3 months in storage if you prepare yourself and store them carefully. Select onions using a dry outer skin and tight neck for storage. Hang the braided onions, then place them in mesh bags or keep them on the screens or slats. Store the onions over 32 degrees and below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 40 degrees F, they will sprout. Don’t store onions in the fridge. Avoid storing onions, since the potatoes will release a ripening gas that may cause the onions to become fragile.

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