A finial is an ornament that tops a roof, a fence post, a bit of furniture or any other construction. It adds visual interest.

Sean O’Kane AIA Architect P.C.

This roof is topped with a finial, and at the finial foundation is a pendant. Running diagonally in the pendant down the roof are vergeboards with simple cutwork.

Stephen Fuller Designs

A shingled, domed roof has a finial to decorate the peak.

White Crane Construction

This roofline has a hummingbird finial made from bronze.

Joseph T. Deppe, Architect, P.C.

A pointy finial sits above a cone (click photo for full view).

Somers & Company Interiors

Fences generally have finials on the vertical posts.

This weapon has a ball finial on its own gate.

Beckwith Interiors

Finials can be used alone for decoration; those were made using a wood-turning tool.

Darci Goodman Design

Furniture can have finials. These are ball finials.

Siemasko + Verbridge

An eclectic finial with metalwork appears to flow the roof in waves down.

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