Get Hooked on Bentwood Chairs

The term “bentwood” refers to the craft of wetting wood with water or steam and bending it into shape to make furniture. The most iconic examples of bentwood furniture are Thonet’s bentwood chairs, that have been first made by Michael Thonet from the early 19th century. Today, bentwood furniture is manufactured by many companies, such as Thonet, across the globe.

Bentwood chairs vary from the super simple to the highly elaborate. (Generally speaking, the curves and twists an antique slice gets, the more precious it might be.) Traditionally, bentwood furniture had a natural wood color, but now you can find many painted pieces.

With its sculptural lines and graceful curves, a bentwood chair is a stylish addition to any interior. Here are 11 rooms that feature these chairs.

Kentaro Kurihara

Bentwood chairs remainder outside with this patio in Japan. While the pair looks lovely outdoors, most bentwood pieces should be used primarily inside.

Camilla Molders Design

This kitchen by Camilla Molders Design includes bamboo cabinetry. The reddish bentwood stools pop against the natural wood and match the green-blue walls.

The breakfast nook of the Tudor-style home gets a fashionable lift from a pair of cross-back bentwood chairs along with a petite round dining table.


A mod-looking office employs a bentwood chair with a caned chair as its visitor chair. The black end visually transforms into the desk.

Emily McCall

Timeless bentwood chairs are matched with an upholstered bench and tulip-style dining table. The eclectic pairing works because of the area’s mainly white background and use of neutral colours.

Ehrenclou Architects

A set of six bentwood chairs is a trendy yet surprising selection with this beachfront home with modern concrete floors.

Schranghamer Design Group

Bentwood bistro chairs include a European touch for the Martha’s Vineyard dining area by Schranghamer Design Group.

Andrew Flesher Interiors

Designer Andrew Flesher sets white bentwood chairs against a dark wall to get a stunning effect.


In blogger Victoria Smith’s San Francisco flat, bentwood chairs are painted white, which will be fitting in her largely ivory-hued home.

The Red Jet

A classic shell chair plus a walnut chair team up with a bentwood Thonet model for an eclectic set in the home of Amanda of the blog The Red Jet.

Leicht Küchen AG

A reddish Leicht Küchen AG kitchen has been matched with white and black striped wallpaper and classic Thonet chairs for a traditional layout with a twist.

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