How to Avoid Mineral Buildup in a Humidifier

The gentle mists out of a humidifier will help your home reduce static electricity and protect against dryness which furniture and paint cracked. Fine white dust which originated in the minerals from tap water or well water is occasionally released by humidifiers. Portable humidifiers which hold 1 to 2 gallons of water frequently need basic cleaning with white vinegar to remove this mineral buildup. Maintaining your humidifier helps you preserve your home decor and reduce any bodily discomfort.

Switch the humidifier off and detach the unit from the electrical socket.

Remove and casing of the humidifier. Eliminate or wick and place in a sink or bucket so that the water can drain.

Drain the base of the humidifier. Rinse any sediment which may have collected from the base.

Wipe the base clean with a cloth. Dry it with a cloth.

Step 1 cup of pure white vinegar. Pour into the base. Let this vinegar stand. Drain the vinegar. Brush the inside surfaces with a brush. Soak the base, if the white mineral residue persist.

Dab vinegar on a sterile cloth. Wipe the base with this cloth to remove any scale.

Rinse the base.

Reassemble the humidifier based on the manufacturer’s manual.

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