What's "Air Fluff" on the Dryer?

The Air Fluff setting in your dryer tumbles clothes or household things without heat. This provides a safe method to freshen things which might not require washing, such as drapes, throw cushions or denim which only need to be softened. Employing the lowest setting that will do the job helps to conserve energy and reduce utility bills.

No Hot Air

The vital distinction between Air Fluff and other dryer settings is that it uses only air, without heat, as it tumbles the products. This makes it a safe solution for substances that can not tolerate heat due to risk of shrinkage, damage or melting. Air Fluff also freshens items which might not be washable, such as dry-clean-only textiles. You can use if for substances which don’t have maintenance tags and may be vulnerable to heat settings.

Fluff Uses

Many things benefit from fluffing, such as bed pillows, accent pillows, comforters, afghans, bed toppers, bedspreads, blankets, blankets and tablecloths. Fluffing makes sheets and linens which have been in a closet for weeks feel softer and fresher. Sweaters, gym clothes, fleece, sleeping bags, car seat covers and other delicate items such as stuffed animals gain a renewed look from fluffing. The dryer’s activity can help to remove dust, pet hair and lint. Fluffing helps remove dust and stale odors from stored things so they smell and feel fresher. This setting also securely removes moisture from washed vinyl shower curtains, mattress covers and crib pads. Air Fluff also restores softness to line-dried objects, such as towels, cloth diapers as well as jeans.

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